Portal 2 Chapter 9 Morton's Fork

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Portal 2 Chapter 9 Morton's Fork
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This is the fifty-ninth level of the game, and takes place within the maintenance areas of the Aperture Science facility. This level features Conversion Gel and Propulsion Gel, and both Bombs and Crushers are present as the primary hazards.






  • Aperture Science Facility


  • Get to Wheatley and plug GLaDOS in.


  • Push the button and watch where the bombs drop. Shoot a portal on the wall above the windows facing the Conversion Gel pipe.
  • Fire the other portal on the floor where the bombs drop. Then press the button and wait for the bombs to stop dropping.
  • Place the first portal on the Conversion Gel on the floor and go through the portal and go through the door.
  • Go through the Emancipation Grill and the door on the left and go down the stairs.
  • Jump down from the catwalk to the conveyor belt and walk to the left until the belt is activated.
  • Turn to face the Crusher. Quickly move to the catwalk on the left. Then go up the stairs in front of the activation button.
  • Shoot a portal under the Propulsion Gel pipe and the other one under the Pneumatic Diversity Vent.
  • Push the button and wait for the pipe to break. Then shoot the portal from under the Vent to the wall at the end of the conveyor belt.
  • The belt should now be painted in Propulsion Gel. Run along the belt to go through the portal at the end.
  • Go through the door and along the corridor. Then turn left.
  • Put the portal from the end of the conveyor belt to the wall at the end of the other corridor to paint a second runway.
  • When the runway is ready, shoot a portal below the Excursion Funnel and go through the portal at the end of the runway.
  • Wait to get to the wall and then leave the Funnel to the catwalk below.
  • Go to the left and up the stairs. Go through the door on the left.
  • Shoot a portal on the wall next to you and the other portal through the metal grating. Then enter it.

Video walkthrough

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