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Title: Intro

Portal Stories Mel Aperture Central.jpg


  • None


  • Wait for the doors to open
  • Go up the stairs
  • Leave the building
  • Go to the Aperture Building across the park
  • Turn left and go straight and down the stairs
  • Enter the elevator

Video walkthough

NOTE: This video applies for the whole First Chapter.


Citranuim Soda listed as an available drink on the Vending machines
  • The arrivals board at the start lists City 17 as a destination, which is the setting of both episodes of Half Life 2.
  • In the vending machines seen early on in the story, the list of available drinks includes Citranium Soda. This is a reference to a slightly earlier Portal mod, Aperture Tag, which includes Citranium as a 'sponsorship' gag.



Check that all doors have been locked for the night
Difficulty: Medium
How to obtain: Check every locked door in the train station and the Aperture Innovators building.

Welcome to Aperture

Welcome to Aperture
Welcome to Aperture
Enter the main lobby of Aperture Science Innovators
Difficulty: Story-related
How to obtain: The achievement unlocks after exiting the tram.