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Title: Intro

Portal Stories Mel Aperture Central.jpg


  • None


  • Wait for the doors to open
  • Go up the stairs
  • Leave the building
  • Go to the Aperture Building across the park
  • Turn left and go straight and down the stairs
  • Enter the elevator

Video walkthough

NOTE: This video applies for the whole First Chapter.


Citranuim Soda listed as an available drink on the Vending machines
  • The arrivals board at the start lists City 17 as a destination, which is the setting of both episodes of Half Life 2.
  • In the vending machines seen early on in the story, the list of available drinks includes Citranium Soda. This is a reference to a slightly earlier Portal mod, Aperture Tag, which includes Citranium as a 'sponsorship' gag.


Welcome to Aperture
Welcome to Aperture
Enter the main lobby of Aperture Science Innovators
Check that all doors have been locked for the night