Test Chamber 13

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Test Chamber 13

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This is the first advanced chamber of the game. This version is unlocked when the original Test Chamber 13 has been completed. It has the extra challenge of including a goo floor, and only one Weighted Storage Cube.




  • Make your way forward and walk onto the Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button.
  • Place a portal over top of the first platform, and place the other on another surface.
  • Walk though the portal, and land on the first platform with the Super Button.
  • Redirect the Energy Pellet into the receptacle by placing portals where the scorch marks hit the wall, and the orange light on the ceiling.
  • Place a portal on the ceiling above the Unstationary Scaffold and one on the wall next to you, then wait for the scaffold to move into position to be underneath your portal.
  • Jump though the portal and pick up the Cube.
  • Wait for the scaffold to move in front of the door, and jump on to the steel grate.
  • Place the Cube on top of the Super Button.
  • Make portals on the walls to the first platform, and stand on the button.
  • Shoot a portal at the wall where the door opened, head though the portal on the wall, and proceed to the Chamber Lock.

Alternative Solutions

  • You can also land on the Pellet receiver from the scaffold, and jump across to the wall.

Video walkthrough

Alternative solutions:

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