Portal 2 Chapter 8 Test Chamber 6

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Portal 2 Chapter 8 Test Chamber 6
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This is the fifty-second level of the game, and takes place within an Aperture Science Test Chamber. This level features the Aerial Faith Plate and the Hard Light Bridge as its primary mechanics. Turrets are present as the main hazard in this level.






  • Test Chamber 06 (Wheatley)


  • Go through Wheatley's Test Track.


  • Place a portal at the end of the Hard Light Bridge and the other one to the bottom-left corner of the wall next to the Emancipation Grills.
  • Push the Switch and the Frankenturret should hit the Hard Light Bridge and land in the area with four Turrets facing it.
  • Place a portal to the wall closest to the Frankenturret and another portal to the wall near the Hard Light Bridge.
  • Get the Frankenturret and take it through the portal.
  • Put a portal on the wall with the Hard Light Bridge and put the other portal to the wall on the right of Wheatley.
  • Pick up the Frankenturret and use the Aerial Faith Plate to hit the Bridge and land on the catwalk.
  • Go to the left and put the Frankenturret down, so it won't fall from there.
  • Fire the portal from the wall to the wall near the Turrets. Bridge should now block the Turrets.
  • Place the Frankenturret on the button.
  • Move to the area under the catwalk. Fire a portal on the wall next to you and to the wall above the catwalk. Go through the portal.
  • Go in the Chamberlock.

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