Portal 2 Chapter 8 Test Chamber 1

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Portal 2 Chapter 8 Test Chamber 1
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This is the forty-seventh level of the game, and takes place within an Aperture Science Test Chamber. This level introduces the Excursion Funnel, and the way in which it can be used to move the player and objects as well as circumvent the laws of gravity.




  • None



  • Test Chamber 01 (Wheatley)


  • Go through Wheatley's Test Track.


  • Jump in the Excursion Funnel and fire a portal on the ceiling.
  • Wait until you've reached the second area and when possible, place the other portal on the wall next to the windows.
  • You should enter the portal and head for the Frankenturret. When it is in your reach, pick it up.
  • Go stand between the Funnel and the wall closest to it. Shoot a portal from the wall to the floor in the area below. Look for small panels with grey and white colours.
  • Place the Frankenturret in the Funnel and wait for it to reach the button.
  • Go in the Chamberlock through the door in the corner.

Video walkthrough

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Smash TV
Break 11 test chamber monitors


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TEST by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory [6:14] | Download Download | Play icon.png Play
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