Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 14

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Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 14
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This is the twenty-third level of the game, and is set within a dilapidated Test Chamber. This level features the Thermal Discouragement Beam and introduces Relays, which act similarly to Receptacles and must be activated by the Beam in order to gain access to the Chamberlock.





  • Complete GLaDOS' Test Shaft (Test Chamber 14)



  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 14 (GLaDOS)
  • Construction Area


Construction Area - Part A

  • Go through the door and then walk along the catwalk until you reach the end.
  • Wait for the machines to finish building the Chamber and then you will be lifted up to the chamber.

Chamber 14 - Part B

Video walkthrough

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  • This is the only chamber that starts with a construction site.