Co-op Course 3 Chamber 5

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Co-op Course 3 Chamber 5
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This is the twentieth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the fifth chamber in the course. The chamber requires the players to use Hard Light Bridge or portals to reach the checkpoint and then in the second part of the room the players must think about the situations after they have used the Aerial Faith Plate. Goo is present as the primary hazard.


This chamber consists of two rooms. The first room separates the players for a small portion of the chamber and requires that the players find two ways to get to the checkpoint. The other must use the Hard Light Bridge and other will have to use portals. The second room contains multiple Material Emancipation Grills and therefore making the players think about the consequences of the fling and how to use the Hard Light Bridges to their advantage.





# Atlas P-body
1Place a portal above the Aerial Faith Plate on the right side. Shoot the other portal on the platform on the floor.Go stand near the Faith Plate on the right side, look upwards and fire a portal to the platform where the Light Bridge ends.
2Turn around and face the arrow pointing up. Step on the Faith Plate and wait until you are at the vertex of your jump. Shoot the other portal on the panels ahead to make a Light Bridge under yourself.
3Go to the Faith Plate and put the portal you used last to the area below the Light Bridge. The portal must be placed near to one of the corners. Use the Faith Plate and try to land on the Light Bridge.Walk along the Light Bridge towards your portal and jump to the area on the right. Place a portal on the wall and hop on the Light Bridge.
4Go through the portal.
5Walk along the Light Bridge and when you see the checkpoint area on the right, jump there. Proceed to the next room.
6Place a portal above the Faith Plate and on the angled panels.
7Use the Faith Plate and wait for landing. Put your portal on the angled panels and stand on the ledge.
8Turn around to face the Light Bridge. Fire a portal on the wall where the Light Bridge ends on the left and fire the other portal on the panels slightly below the Light Bridge.
9Drop down on the Light Bridge your partner created for you and go to the Faith Plate again. Place your other portal above the Faith Plate.
10Step on the Faith Plate and wait for landing. Place a portal on the angled panel and stand on the ledge.Place a portal to the wall panels on the left where the Light Bridge ends and the other to panels above the Light Bridge to the wall on the right.
11Drop down to the Light Bridge and go through the portal.
12Shoot the same portal to the wall panels below the Light Bridge.
13Walk through the portal and head to the Faith Plate. Place your other portal on the ceiling above it.
14Use the Faith Plate and wait for landing.
15Use the Faith Plate and wait for landing.
16Go through the door and proceed to the disassembly area.

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