Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 12

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Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 12
sp_a2_bridge_the_gap.bsp Bridge the Gap

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This is the twenty-first level of the game, and is set within a dilapidated Test Chamber. This level features the Hard Light Bridge, and includes Goo as its primary environmental hazard. The Test Chamber also includes a Rat Man Den. Wheatley also makes an appearance at the start of the level.





  • Complete GLaDOS' Test Shaft (Test Chamber 12)



  • Aperture Science Enrichment Center
  • Test Chamber 12 (GLaDOS)


  • Go near the panels on the floor and wait for GLaDOS to talk to the door mainframe.Then go through the door and look at the Hard Light Bridge on the left.
  • Fire a portal above it and the other on the wall in front of you and go through the portal.
  • Place the first portal on the end of the Bridge and go through the portal.
  • Press the Switch and look at the falling Weighted Storage Cube. Fire the second portal on the wall, so it blocks the falling Cubes from falling into the Goo.
  • Pick up the Storage Cube and proceed to go through the portal.
  • Put a portal on the wall facing the exit-area to get a Bridge there.
  • Place the Storage Cube on the button and go into the Chamberlock.

Video walkthrough

Download Download demo file

Easter Eggs

  • To enter Rat Man's Den, use portals to stand on the light bridge, then look up to the ceiling. There are portal panels through a hole in the ceiling, shoot a portal to those and drop in. Navigate around the air ducts to find Rat Man's den.


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