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Pedestal Buttons are a game mechanic used within the Portal series. They can be found very frequently throughout Test Chambers and are primarily used to allow the player to trigger or toggle a particular function. They can be activated with the "Use" key (default: E).

In Portal: Still Alive, pedestal buttons connected to cube droppers have a special skin, pictured below.


Pedestal Buttons are used for multiple purposes to initiate a particular action. More common uses include the dropping of a Cube (and fizzling of the previous cube if present), activating a Gel pipeline or opening a door. They can also be timer-based, where the action (for example, extending a platform) is only activated for a specific length of time.

Puzzle Creator item properties

  • Entity cost: 6
  • Connections: This item supports outputs, which activate when the button is pressed and deactivate after the specified time. Connect to... is used to connect this item to another, via inputs or outputs. Connection visibility controls the visibility of connections, and Remove connections can be used to remove an existing connection.
  • Timer delay: Used to set how long the button should stay pressed, after which the output will shut off. Infinite means the output will permanently be active, and no timer sound will be heard.



  • Unlike floor buttons, the lights on the sides of pedestal buttons do not change color when the button is active.

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