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Test Chamber Template

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Provide overview of the corresponding test chamber.

Test Chamber XY is a Test Chamber within Act Z of Portal's single-player Story.


What's the purpose of this test chamber? Introduce the player to a new mechanic? Train them further in a particular mechanic? A story-related revelation? Or something else?

This test chamber intends to introduce the player to the basic function of the Handheld Portal Device.



Non-hazardous mechanics go here.


Hazardous mechanics go here, this time we'll put in felines.


What is the solution? Give the instructions set by step, this time we'll put in these (use {{Spoiler}} template at each step).

  • Exit the Chamberlock
  • Watch out for Pellets
  • Wait till the cube is dispensed
  • Put the cube on the button
  • Put the second cube on the button
  • Wait till the Pellets go to the corresponding receiver
  • Quickly, grab the portal gun and teleport to the first room
  • Portal the beam to the second room
  • Put the cube to the Button
  • Advance to the next room
  • Watch cats mess up with portal guns until one cat accidentally shoot a portal through the glass and chasing you
  • (If you are not dead yet by the mean killed by cats) Proceed to the Chamberlock

Video Walkthrough

Use this part for embedding a video walkthrough, preferably from Youtube.


List a music using the '''{{Track}}''' template!


If the corresponding test chamber have a need-to-know fact, add them here!

  • The cats are not mad at you, they are mad at Black Mesa.
  • The cat on ID number #1101 is GLaDOS' favourite cat, dubbed CatDOS and promised to live in the Central AI Chamber

See also

Provide links to something that is in relation to the test chamber.

Remember to add {{TestChambersNav}} to the end of the article, if this is a mod chamber: add {{ModTestChambersNav}}