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Portal: Revolution
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Second Face Software


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6 Jan 2024




First-person puzzle/platformer


Portal 2

Portal: Revolution is a modification and unofficial prequel to Portal 2.


Portal: Revolution serves as a prequel for Portal 2, and is set after the events of Portal. The player assumes the role of an unnamed test subject in the decayed laboratories of Aperture Science. The game begins with the protagonist being awoken by the maintenance personality core named Stirling. Stirling tells the protagonist that she is being trained as part of an "emergency response team", and is instructed to solve a series of tests.

After the player has completed these tests, Stirling confesses that he was misleading her, and reveals his real goal, namely to activate a powerful device that will be able to restore Aperture's laboratories to full operation. He asks for the protagonist's help in exchange for setting her free. The protagonist and Stirling proceed through a series of chambers, to finally reach the "Spire" where the device is located. Stirling explains that the device goes far beyond Aperture's previous creations with teleportation, allowing him to use it to reassemble and activate GLaDOS. The protagonist enters the device control room and Stirling instructs her to test it by first teleporting a Weighted Companion Cube through a short distance. The device succeeds in teleporting the Cube to the chamber. After this, Stirling tells the protagonist that the device also has to undergo a test for "animate objects". The protagonist enters the chamber, but the device malfunctions, leading to the protagonist repeatedly getting teleported to a random location in the Aperture Science labs. When Stirling manages to get the device to a halt, the protagonist gets teleported to an old experimental testing track in the depths of Aperture.

While walking through the old experimental testing track, the protagonist ends up in the old personality core labs, where she activates a computer by putting a disc of a mind copy of a former Aperture employee in it. This leads to the protagonist creating a new personality core with the mind of Emilia Conly. Emilia and the protagonist proceed through the experimental testing chambers, eventually reaching the base of the Spire. While making their way up to the Spire, Emilia warns the protagonist that Stirling's reactivation of GLaDOS will lead to disaster, as she previously killed all the test subjects when she was awake. Emilia and the protagonist navigate through more test chambers, eventually reaching the top of the Spire, where they meet up with Stirling. Emilia tries to reason with Stirling, but he refuses to change his plans, stating that the facility needs GLaDOS.

After going through test chambers close to the surface, Emilia and the protagonist reach the device control room at the Spire once again. There, they fight with Stirling to disable the device and stop him from awakening GLaDOS. During the fight, Emilia reveals that Stirling was originally a robotic vacuum cleaner that she created. Emilia and the protagonist successfully stop Stirling from using the device, which explodes. In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that the explosion of the device led the Spire to be teleported to the moon, stranding the protagonist and Emilia there. The protagonist passed out and was heavily injured, leading Emilia to place her in a lunar long-term relaxation vault.


Portal: Revolution's mechanics work similarly to Portal and Portal 2, however, there are a few that haven't been used in any of the released Portal games.



Stirling is a personality core which is the first person you meet in the game. At the end of the game, Stirling becomes the antagonist, after arguing about the dangers of the Spire with Emilia Conly.

Emilia Conly

Emilia Conly is a former human that got brain scanned into a personality core on accident, and was awoken. In the final battle at the Spire, it is revealed that she invented Stirling as a robotic vacuum cleaner.


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