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Chamber number 1.pngChamber number 3.png

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Test Chamber Infobox Portal Guy.png
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Portal2 map Infinifling 01.png
Chamber icon propulsion gel on.pngChamber icon player button on.pngChamber icon excursion funnel on.pngChamber icon excursion switch on.pngChamber icon cube dispenser on.png
Chamber icon crusher hazard.pngChamber icon laser hazard.pngChamber icon turret hazard.pngChamber icon laser sensor.pngChamber icon repulsion gel.png

Infinifling is a custom Single-Player Portal 2 map made by MrTwoVideoCards. The map was released on on May 30, 2011 at 9:11 pm. It won second place in the Summer Mapping Initiative.


  • Cube Hazard


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