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The empty drydock in Portal 2

The Borealis is a scientific research vessel owned by Aperture Science. It first appeared in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, but a reference to it can be found in Portal 2 as an easter egg hidden in Chapter 6. The easter egg is located in close proximity to the office in which Chell finds GLaDOS, embedded in a potato, being pecked by a bird.


Portal 2

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In Chapter 6: The Fall, the Borealis' drydock can be found in Test Shaft 09, during the 1970s section. It is hidden behind a door in one of the offices and, while the drydock is empty, life preservers with the word 'Borealis' printed on them can still be seen.


  • Blueprints of the Borealis can be seen in Portal 2 Co-op, and appear to have been signed by GLaDOS herself.
  • The Borealis was originally to be featured in Half-Life 2, but was removed when its story arc was cut from the game.


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