Test Chamber Virgil-02

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Test Chamber Virgil-02

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Chamber 02 (also known as Virgil-02) is the third map of the third chapter. It consists of at least two tests.


Test 1:

  • Make light bridge span the lasers.
  • Paint cube with propulsion gel. Bringing along the cube, walk and jump over light bridge to the ledge.
  • Drop painted cube on top of light bridge. It will start to slide down, deactivating the laser fields one by one. Run through the deactivating fields.
  • Stand on button, create a portal connection to where you just came from below. Portal down, get a cube, portal back up.
  • Use portals to cover floor with repulsion gel. Use same portals to bounce, fling and bounce over the chasm, bringing the cube along. Place cube on button.


Video Walkthrough


  • The track played during this chamber is called Obscuration, which can also be found in Portal: Stories VR, a VR game which was made by many of the same people.