Funnel Drill

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Funnel Drill

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This is the twenty-fifth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the second level in the course. The chamber introduces the players to the use of Excursion Funnels together with the Aerial Faith Plates and other objects. Goo is present as the primary hazard.

In this chamber the players must find a way to get the Funnel to flow though from the other end of the room to the other while it's carrying the Edgeless Safety Cube.




# Atlas P-body
1Go to the button and fire a portal on the surface with the Excursion Funnel. Place your other portal on the wall facing the Material Emancipation Grill, so that the Funnel goes through the Grill. Then go stand on the button.
2Use the Aerial Faith Plate to launch yourself in the Funnel. Drop down to the area behind the Switch.
3Shoot the same portal you used last to the panels on the right. You need to stand on the button and shoot through the opening.
4Press the switch and make sure that the Edgeless Safety Cube and make sure that it goes in the Funnel. Exit the small room by dropping down to the area with the Emancipation Grills and go to the area where you can see the Safety Cube. Put your portals on both sides of the obstacle so that the Safety Cube eventyually blocks the Thermal Discouragement Beam.
5Proceed to the disassembly area.

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Obstacle Building
Obstacle Building
Complete all test chambers in the Excursion Funnels co-op course
Still Alive
Still Alive
Complete Course 4 with neither you nor your co-op partner dying