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Basic Information

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Adobe Flash




Two Dimensional Puzzle Platformer

  • 88 on Armor games
  • Any x86-compatible machine
  • Flash Player 8 and up (or any third-party Flash player that supports it, e.g. Flashpoint or Ruffle)
  • Flash Player Global Storage 10kb
  • Game resolution 800x450
  • Decent/Competent CPU

Portal: The Flash Version is a two dimensional game made with Adobe Flash based on Valve's Portal. It features the same environment and testing elements as Portal does, while even introducing some new features of its own. This game has also been recreated into the Portal Software Development Kit (Source SDK) and released as a Map-Pack. Some of the levels are included in the XBOX Live Arcade version of Portal, Portal: Still Alive. Some of the levels and mechanics used in this mod have also been "borrowed" over into a few other Map-Packs, or "Mods". This can most commonly be found in the Portal: Prelude mod, which uses the Electricity Field and a few of the levels used in the flash version.

Despite the Flash plugin being deprecated and disabled across browsers at December 2020, this game is still playable.

  • Ruffle is a browser extension that allows the user to access Flash content, including this game by extension.
  • Flashpoint is an application that added Portal: The Flash Version to its library on January 12th, 2019.
  • Newgrounds has developed a dedicated Flash player in response to the Flash shutdown affecting many of its games, Portal TFV being one of them.
  • Users who happen to still own old versions of Flash and downloaded files of PTFV can continue to play offline through that method.


Screenshot of the Main menu

The game starts with the words "Good morning subject 15837. It is time to begin your test." after which the first "task" (which is what the game familiarizes the test chambers as) starts with the use of the ASHPD or Portal Gun. The text on top of the screen suggests that the subject might not be familiar with the facility, but explains that they need to exit the rooms. The first task where the player can be killed in is Task: 10, where a ledge the player needs to Portal over is introduced. The first encounter with a dangerous mechanic happens in Task: 11, with a modified "Crusher" used in the trailer for Portal. Most of these tasks do not require precise timing, except for a few tasks featuring the High Energy Pellet (known as Combine Balls in the Half-Life Universe) or the dangerous "Electricity Field", that lights up for four seconds at a time and then pauses for three seconds.

Items and Mechanics

The game uses most of the mechanics that are used in the original Portal, but it also uses some scrapped and totally new mechanics as well. Here is a list of the mechanics that weren't used in the original Portal but made it to Portal 2 from the flash version. Portal: Still Alive, being largely based off of the MapPack and thus the Flash Version, includes all of the features introduced in those titles.

Item or Mechanic Task Portal Portal:
Still Alive
Portal 2
Security Camera All Tasks
Crusher Task 11 Modified
Unstationary Scaffold Task 12 Modified
Electricity Fields Task 13
Blue Plasma Wall Task 16 Modified
Red Plasma Wall Task 18
Button Task 19
Energy ball Task 21
Storage Cube Task 25
Turret Task 29


Left Mouse Button - Shoot Portals
A W D - Move
Q - Launch a Blue Portal
E - Launch a Yellow Portal
R - Close Portals
F - Pick up an Object
~ - Open up Developer Console (Can be Enabled Through the Settings)
O - Quick Quality Adjust
Esc or P - Pause the Game


This game also includes an in-game console[1] available through the options in the main menu, and can be opened by pressing ~. Some commands include:

gravity #
gotolevel #



  • One of the things that made Portal: The Flash Version viral is the preservation of momentum. Even though it is a 2D game, preservation of momentum is very hard to code in practice.
  • In task 16 as the player is passing the first Blue plasma wall, a character carrying a briefcase (presumably The G-Man from the Half-Life series) can be seen walking behind the window.


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