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Portal's teaser trailer, stated as Orientation Video No. 1, is a video which was released by Valve in 2006 in order to promote Portal, and The Orange Box. The video takes the form of an Aperture Laboratories information video, which introduces portal mechanics and features early pre-rendered footage.

Teaser trailer video transcript


  • "Laboratories" in the Aperture Laboratories logo is misspelled.
  • The turrets have different sounds compared to the final game
  • The crusher can be seen in 0:30, which is removed from the final game
  • "Vortal Combat" from the Half-Life 2: Episode Two soundtrack plays during the first pre-rendered gameplay segment.
  • Beta versions of the portals and the Material Emancipation Grill are shown.
  • The various animations in the middle of the teaser trailer have descriptions. The first two appear twice in two flinging demonstration slides.
    • (1) Utilize gravitational physics to build vertical momentum prior to entering portal.
    • (2) Momentum is maintained upon exiting portal until gravitational forces equalizes inertial movement.
    • (!) Jumping from high ledges without anticipation of fatal impact is commonly known to be an unwise activity and is not recommended by the legal team of Aperture, Inc.