Turret voice lines

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This is a complete list of the Turret voice lines from Portal and Portal 2.

Turret fire

Turrets launched into the air

Turrets blocked by Hard Light Bridge

These lines are unused.

Turrets Being zapped by the Thermal Discouragement Beam

Turret Being Smashed

Turrets Witnessing a Turret Die

These lines remain unused in Portal 2.

Turret factory

Template Turret

Approved Turret

Turret Aiming at Dummy

Sabotaged Turrets

Turret Sound effects

Turret Found its Target

Turrets Searching

Colliding Turrets

Turrets Deploying

Turret Deaths

Turrets being picked up

Turret Deactivation

Turret Lost its Target

Turret Being Emancipated/Fizzled

Turrets being shot by other Turrets

Turrets being Tipped Over

Final chamber of the Co-op Course Mobility Gels