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Here is a list of individual personality core voice lines.


Curiosity core

See also: Curiosity Core
Curiosity Core

Intelligence core

See also: Intelligence Core
Cake Core

Anger core

See also: Anger Core
Anger Core

If the core is taken near the open incinerator:

Party Escort Bot

See also: Party Escort Bot
Party Escort Bot

Portal 2

Space core

See also: Space Sphere
Space Sphere

Adventure core

See also: Adventure Sphere
Rick, the Adventure Sphere

"Thorn" easter egg

Unused dialog

Fact core

See also: Fact Sphere
Fact Sphere

Poker Night

  • The tournament is being controlled by aliens!
  • You can't send me back! She's planning things, man! Big things! Oh no, it's all true, even the caaaa...
  • Oh no, it's the puppet master! I know too much! Take me now before she uses her mind bullets!
  • At any given time, there are 17 people who keep reality from collapsing. They are all named Steve.
  • Every Claptrap unit has a small grey cube within its machinery. The purpose of these cubes is unknown.
  • There are carvings of Sam and Max embedded in Mayan calendars.
  • The Inventory's host claims to be retired, but he's actually been drawing maps to islands that don't exist yet.
  • How much do we know about this "Inventory," anyway?