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Not to be confused with the Defective Turret or the Prima Donna Turret.
The Oracle Turret stuck in a Vital Apparatus Vent
I'm different.
Oracle Turret

The Oracle Turret is a friendly Sentry Turret that is encountered twice in Portal 2. Although the Oracle Turret is never named in-game, the name was revealed in an interview with Valve writers.[1]

Like GLaDOS and the standard Sentry Turrets, the Oracle Turret is voiced by opera singer and voice actress Ellen McLain.


Chapter 1

The Oracle Turret on its way to redemption

The player first encounters the Oracle Turret in Chapter 1 of Portal 2, where the Oracle Turret is stuck in a pneumatic transport tube. The Oracle Turret asks Chell to help it, and to take it with her; however the Oracle Turret is inaccessible and Wheatley advises Chell to move past and ignore it.

Chapter 5

The second encounter with the Oracle Turret is on the Turret Redemption Line. The player can pick the turret up from the Turret Redemption Line, at which point it says "Thank you" and an achievement (No Hard Feelings) is unlocked for saving it. After being saved, the Oracle Turret will say several cryptic messages that reference other parts of the game. If the player ignores it, the Oracle Turret will complete its journey along the Redemption Line and disappear, and will presumably be incinerated and destroyed. The player later has the option of sending the turret through a Material Emancipation Grill.

Quotes explained

"Get mad!"; "Don't make lemonade!"

Direct quotes from Cave Johnson heard in Chapter 7.

"Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds"

GLaDOS told Wheatley that he was designed to be a moron, which led Wheatley to send Chell and GLaDOS into Old Aperture unintentionally. After GLaDOS and Chell landed, GLaDOS was pecked by the crow, which flew away.[2]

"It won't be enough"

This quotation is in reference to the Portal 2 graphic novel, Lab Rat during Page 14 wherein Doug Ratmann informs Henry that a Morality Core will not be enough to stop GLaDOS as one can always ignore their conscience.

"The answer is beneath us"

GLaDOS' true identity is hidden among Johnson's intercom messages, playing deep within Aperture. Alternatively, this may be referencing the Mobility Gels, found beneath Chell when the Oracle Turret is found, which are key to defeating Wheatley. (None of the Corrupted Cores would have been attached without the Conversion and Repulsion Gels, and the Fact Sphere would never have been usable as the finishing blow to cause the attempted core transfer without the Propulsion Gel.)

"Her name is Caroline"; "Remember that"

Caroline, the assistant of Cave Johnson, is the person whose sentience resides in GLaDOS.

"That's all I can say"

The last quote played by the Oracle Turret until picked up again.

Related achievements

Portal 2

No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings
Save a turret from redemption

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  2. Prometheus actually gave fire to humans, and was exiled to the top of a mountain and had his own liver ripped out by a bird every day. The general meaning of the quote remains the same, though.
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