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And it contains proven preservatives, deep penetration agents, and gas and odor control chemicals.
Intelligence Core on cake

The Intelligence Core, also referred to as the sphere_cakemix in the game files, is a personality core that appears in Portal.

It is one of the cores Chell knocks off of GLaDOS during the climactic "battle" at the end of the game. It was later destroyed in an Emergency Intelligence Incinerator.

The Intelligence Core speaks in a slow, monotonous voice, and spends its time reciting a cake recipe, which often has unusual or potentially lethal ingredients. As it speaks, it will roll lazily around, seemingly entranced in recipe recitation.

The Intelligence Core is voiced by Ellen McLain.

The recipe he gives in LEGO Dimensions consists of "fish-shaped solid waste, a single banana, and a cup of lemonade." These are all included in the actual cake recipe.


  • The Intelligence Core has three dots on each side, as it is the third core to be incinerated. This pattern is seen on all cores from Portal.

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