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...a bloody bird, right? Couldn't believe it either. And then the bird...
Say, you're good at murder. Could you - (ow) - murder this bird for me?

The Bird

The Bird, also known as the Crow, is a miscellaneous character throughout many Valve titles and parent of Mr. Chubby Beak and two other unnamed chicks.

The Bird plays a minor role during the single player campaign, after Wheatley's takeover of Aperture Science, and returns later during the additional cooperative testing course, Art Therapy as the main antagonist.


Portal 2

Chapter 3, test chamber 12

Wheatley makes an appearance behind the glass window of an Observation Room, after dropping the Bird's eggs into the door mechanism to jam it. He is then attacked by the Bird..

Chapters 6 and 7

After Wheatley assumes control of the facility, Chell and GLaDOS, now in potato form, fall down to Old Aperture. When Chell regains consciousness at the bottom of the shaft, she sees GLaDOS being taken by the bird. In the 1970s entrance, Chell finds the bird and GLaDOS in a control room. Chell shoos the Bird away from GLaDOS, and it flies out a broken window. It is then seen on a railing outside Pump Station Gamma.

Cooperative Testing Initiative

In the Art Therapy testing course, Atlas and P-Body are sent to explore a section of the facility. Under the guise of an art exhibit millions of years into the future, GLaDOS activates the bots to explore an old section of the Enrichment Center. It is eventually made known that something in the defunct areas is overriding GLaDOS' attempts at restoring her full control over the complex. This leads them to a control room containing a prototype chasis for the central core. The robots stumble across the Bird's nest, now placed above the prototype central core's keyboard, and as GLaDOS observes it, she panics and yells at them to abort their mission. Startled, the Bird is forced to flee its home once again. P-body then closes the hatch that the Bird flew out from, making it impossible for it to return. GLaDOS then "adopts" the eggs, and ultimately chicks, having relocated them to the Central AI Chamber.

Other games

Crows resembling the Bird make appearances in various other Valve titles, such as Half-Life 2 and the Left 4 Dead series, as generic npcs.

Half Life 2

Birds can be seen flying or gliding nearby beaches and forests, a similar crow sometimes appears inside City 17.


List of appearances


  • All the sound files for the Bird in Portal 2 start with birdbirdbird, probably because in its first appearance, Wheatley shouts 'Bird Bird Bird!'