Anger Core

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Anger Core

The Anger Core is a personality core that appears in Portal.

It is one of the cores Chell knocks off of GLaDOS during the climactic "battle" at the end of the game. It was later destroyed in an Emergency Intelligence Incinerator.

The Anger Core is voiced by Mike Patton.


It has signature red lines, which is lacking in other cores. The red is a common colour of bravery, anger and fury.

The Anger Core is quite literally a sphere of fury. It lacks the ability to speak, instead resorting to making animalistic roars, snarls, and growls.



  • Ellen McLain, at her 'So You Broke My Heart and Killed Me' panel during Anime West 2011, revealed that she was originally asked to voice the Anger Core. It was later decided that Mike Patton, lead singer of the alternative metal band Faith No More, should voice the core, as McLain's voice "just couldn't sound mean enough" for the part.[1]
  • In Portal 2, Aperture Science Bombs bear a striking resemblance to the Anger Core. The Bomb shares an "angry" animation with the Anger Core, making it possible that the Core was to make a reappearance in Portal 2 at some point during development.
  • When taken near an incinerator, the Anger core will whimper like a dog, signalling fear.
  • The Anger Core has four dots on each side, and it is the fourth, and last, core to be incinerated. This pattern is seen on all cores from Portal


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