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My User Page! My Talk Page! My Contributions! My Sandbox!
My User Page! My Talk Page! My Contributions! My Sandbox!
Achievement Overclocker.jpg As of September 16, 2020,
I have been a Portal Wikipedian for 0 years, 2 months, and 21 days. (since June 26, 2020)

Wikipedia code things I already met

  • Functions #if:, #time:, #substring: and subst: & safesubst:
  • Creating complicated templates
  • Creating complicated tabels

What did I already do?

Name Preview
Template:Mel Old Aperture infobox (still need to change some CSS things)

Portal Stories: Mel Tram RidePortal Stories: Mel Tram Ride Portal Stories: Mel IntroPortal Stories: Mel Intro Portal Stories: Mel LiftPortal Stories: Mel Lift Portal Stories: Mel GardenPortal Stories: Mel Garden Portal Stories: Mel Garden Part 2Portal Stories: Mel Garden Part 2 Portal Stories: Mel Fire StormPortal Stories: Mel Fire Storm OldApertureNav SphereHT Active.png OldApertureNav SphereHT Active.png Portal Stories: Mel Under BouncePortal Stories: Mel Under Bounce Portal Stories: Mel Once UponPortal Stories: Mel Once Upon Portal Stories: Mel Past PowerPortal Stories: Mel Past Power Portal Stories: Mel RampPortal Stories: Mel Ramp Portal Stories: Mel Junk YardPortal Stories: Mel Junk Yard Portal Stories: Mel Test Chamber 1Portal Stories: Mel Test Chamber 1 Map: map name

Screenshot needed.png

Template:Sent by
Template:Sent by/Time
Template:Userpage (or Userpage Heading)
Destroyed Aperture
Template:TwTM Chamber infobox (normal infobox with few changes)
TwTM Test Chamber pages (still Work-in-Progress)

And planning more!