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This page documents tasks that can be done by any user, permissions permitting, to help maintain a high-quality Wiki.

Maintenance & Management

For any user

  • Partake in active discussions
    This template will list any out-standing discussions that are taking place upon the Wiki. Taking part in these discussions ensures the Wiki runs as close to the community's wishes as possible.
  • Review Open Review articles
    Articles that have been marked for open review should be checked and your feedback is appreciated. Articles marked as such may have conflicting or disputed contents which needs attention and we prefer to discuss these articles with the community before making any decisions.
  • Expand stubs
    Articles marked as "Stub" are considered incomplete. Feel free to edit and contribute to these articles. Remove the {{stub}} tag from an article when you consider it conclusive.
  • Cleanup articles
    Articles are marked for "Cleanup" when they do not adhere to the Wiki's style guidelines. Feel free to improve these articles articles.
  • Patrol recent uploads
    To ensure all our content is used legitimately, check uploaded content and ensure it is tagged with the appropriate license (See: Help:Image licensing), and that it follows the Image guidelines. Tag uploads with {{improveimage}} if necessary.
  • Fix double redirects
    Double redirects are pages that redirect to another redirect. Fix these by changing the double-redirects to point to the end-article.
  • Uncategorised content.
    Articles that are placed into this category are lacking categories of their own. For help on categorization guidelines, Category:Main, Category:Portal Wiki and Category:Languages will always remain uncategorized and should remain this way.
  • Recent Changes Patrol
    Check here for a list of recently updated articles, files or new pages. This will be the quickest way to detect vandalism or incorrect information edited into pages and can be undone in case such is seen. If junk pages appear, they should be marked for deletion.
  • Wanted categories
    Check for a list of wanted categories and determine if categories are placed within the correct category. For non-English categories, copy the categories from the English version: i.e. if Category:Hats has Category:Items, then Category:Hats/ru should have the same (but /ru versions).
  • Orphaned pages
    Articles in this category have no links leading to it. These articles shouldn't exist as people will have no way of linking to it. If the contents of the articles listed as orphaned are useful, find a related article and create a link to it. If not, the article should be marked for deletion.
  • Dead-end pages
    Dead-end pages are opposite to orphaned pages in that it has no links to other related articles, forcing the user to go back a page. Pages showing in the list should be updated to provide links out of the article; if the contents are not useful or old, they should be also be marked for deletion using one of the deletion templates.
  • Images that need improving
    Images in this article have been marked for improvement. Check the image itself, as well as any notes within the Template:Improveimage template.
  • Create captions
    Help create caption data for the YouTube walkthroughs using the tool available here

For staff

  • Marked for deletion
    Pages found in this category are requests for deletion and should be reviewed by administrators. Any users wishing to debate the request may do so on its talk page. All sub-categories should be checked and if the criteria have been met then the article(s) should be deleted.
  • Requested moves
    Pages that fall into this category have requests to be moved to a different page. If the criteria have been met then the article should be moved and the template removed.

For translators

If you are new to the wiki and just beginning to translate, see Help:Language translation for a better introduction.