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Test Chambers are an integral part of each game. Each Test Chamber in Portal and Portal 2 should have a page dedicated to it and those pages should meet the guidelines outlined on this page.

Naming conventions

Test Chambers are identified by numbers, and within each game there are different test chambers that share a name. For that reason, the following conventions are in place to ensure each Test Chamber gets it's own article:


  • Test Chamber pages are prefixed with the game they are contained within.
    • For example:
      • Portal Test Chamber 01
      • Portal: Still Alive Test Chamber 01 – This would be a redirect to the above example, as in Portal: Still Alive the only difference in test chambers is additional ones at the end.
  • In the case of Portal 2, or any future Portal game that has Acts with test chambers per Act, the chapter a test chamber resides in should be noted as a suffix to the game prefix.
    • Example article names:
      • Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 01
      • Portal 2 Chapter 2 Test Chamber 01
  • The numerical identifier of the test chamber should always be double-digits, as they are signage of each test chamber.


The above singleplayer naming conventions apply to Co-op, with exception to the Act naming.

  • Instead of Act in the above guidelines, the name will contain the game mode – Co-op.
  • Following the Co-op identifier will be the numerical identifier of the Chapter in which the test chamber is a part of.
    • For example:
      • Portal 2 Co-op 1 Test Chamber 1.
      • Portal 2 Co-op 2 Test Chamber 1.
      • Portal 2 Co-op 2 Test Chamber 2.


Each Test Chamber page should mention the following things:

  • What Mechanics a user will interact with.
  • What Hazards a user will interact with.
  • What the Test Chamber intends the player to learn, if anything.
  • A text solution
  • A video walkthough
  • Gallery containing related pictures
  • Achievements related to the test chamber


Solutions will be contained within a dedicated subpage, as mentioned in the above naming conventions. Solution pages should contain the following:

  • A walkthrough of the Test Chamber, accompanied by annotated screenshots.
  • A video walkthrough of the test chamber.


Here is the corresponding template for you to copy paste