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A Userpage is your profile on the Wiki. You can edit it as you would any other page on the Wiki, usually it is used to write a little bit about yourself and provide contact links for other Wiki users. You can access your userpage by clicking your name at the top-right of the Wiki - this will take you to User:YOUR_NAME You can link to your userpage as you would any other part of the Wiki, for example: [[User:RJackson]] produces User:RJackson and [[User:RJackson|RJackson]] produces RJackson.

How you use your Userpage is entirely up to you. Feel free to view any other members userpage for ideas or inspiration regarding what you can do with yours.

As a general rule, you only edit your own Userpage. Use a Userpage's talk page (Click "Discussion" on a userpage. Or adjust the URL to replace User: with User_talk:) to discuss with a member anything regarding their userpage, or just for general contact with them.