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Community Websites

There are many websites and resources available online that relate to the Portal series. Not all of this content merits coverage on the Wiki. In order to avoid indiscriminate inclusion of information, the Portal Wiki has set out guidelines to familiarise users with the standards we set.

Additionally, existing articles about community websites or resources them should be maintained and adhere to these reasonable quality and notability standards set by the Wiki.

Conflict of Interest

Identifying a Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest occurs when a user edits an article for any other reason than to improve the quality of the Wiki's content. Typically users with conflicts of interest are directly affiliated with the topic of an article, or are in direct communication with someone who is.

Declaring an Interest

In order to avoid misunderstandings and improve communication with the Wiki, many users have declared an interest in community resources that they are directly involved with. If you would like to declare your interest in the subject of a particular article, you can start by stating your involvement with the content on your user page. You may also wish to leave a note to the same effect on the talk page of the article.

Suggesting Content

It is recommended that users with a Conflict of Interest remain actively involved in their site's article. However, directly adding or removing content could disrupt the neutrality of an article. We suggest that users that find themselves in this situation use the Talk page to suggest content to be added or removed.

Community Modifications

Out of the many community modifications that are available to Portal or Portal 2, we will only document what we deem those with the most community interest - evaluated by a set of legibility guidelines. There will of course be exceptions to these guidelines, but only as decided by the Wiki community.

Eligibility Guidelines

Community modifications/mappacks should:

  • Be intertwined or related to the Story in some way.
  • Already have expressed community interest and appraisal.
  • Be in active development and/or released.
    • A demo/teaser release can count towards this.

Conflict of Interest

See Conflict of Interest above.