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Follow these instructions to update the relevant sections of the Wiki when there is an Update to any of the games, or the Portal blog.

Create a Patch page (Updates only)


Patch pages should be named according to the following rules:

  • Portal 2:
    • PC: Month day, year Patch
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch
    • PS3: Month day, year Patch (PS3)
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch (PS3)
    • Xbox: Month day, year Patch (Xbox)
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch (Xbox)
  • Portal:
    • PC: Month day, year Patch (Portal)
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch (Portal)
    • PS3: Month day, year Patch (Portal PS3)
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch (Portal PS3)
    • Xbox: Month day, year Patch (Portal Xbox)
      e.g. January 1, 1970 Patch (Portal Xbox)

Patch page contents

  1. Copy and paste the following code:
{{Patch layout
| source =
| before =
| after  =

| notes  =


* Fixed a bug where Portals were two-way.
* Fixed a bug where co-op robots had Portal guns.
** Gave them work to do in an assembly plant instead.
* Fired the guys who made ''those'' robots.
    • If there are no patch notes, simply write: "Patch notes are unavailable at present".
  • Add the URL of the update page to the source line at the top like this:
| source =
    • As above, if patch notes have not been published, do not enter a url.
  • Add the date of the previous patch to the before line like this:
| before = [[January 19, 2038 Patch]]
  • Add N/A to the after line.
  • Preview your article and if everything works fine hit Save page.
  • On the previous patch page, adjust after to link to the new patch page.
    • Preview and save this.


For complicated patch pages:

  • Handling two source links:
| source        =
| source-title  = Part 1
| source2       =
| source2-title = Part 2
  • Handing update pages (Using examples, as the Portal series has never recieved major updates)
| update     =
| updatelink = The Engineer Update
    • Handling update pages in different languages:
| update      =
| updatelink  = Das Scout Update
| update-lang = de

Update Template:Updates

Update Patches

  • Ammend the Patches article to list the new patch.
    • There are seperate sections for Portal and Portal 2 patches. Use them correctly.
  • Format the link to your patch page as: [[Patch article name|Month day, year]]
    • For patches to specific platforms, append the Platform in brackets for the link text. For example, [[Patch article name|Month day, year (PS3)]]