Mann Co. Cap

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Mann Co. Cap
Item MANN CO. CAP.png
Basic Information
Worn by:Atlas, P-body
Shared from:TF2 game icon.png Team Fortress 2
Backpack MANN CO. CAP.png
Level 10 Hat
Shared from Team Fortress 2!
For many of you, I realize 60 dollars is an unprecedented windfall, so don't go spending it all on... I don't know. Caroline, what do these people buy? Tattered hats? Beard dirt?
Cave Johnson

The Mann Co. Cap is a headwear item for Atlas and P-body. It appears as an off-white baseball cap with a patch containing the Mann Co. logo and their motto written on it: "We sell products and get in fights."

This hat is available to players who own the Mann Co. Cap hat in Team Fortress 2.


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