Turret Redemption Line

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A Turret Redemption Line
Please do not engage with turrets heading towards redemption.
The Announcer

The Turret Redemption Lines are conveyor belts that appear to lead to industrial incinerators, and are used by Aperture Science to destroy broken or defective Turrets in Portal 2. They first appear in Chapter 5: The Escape.

Portal 2

The Turret Redemption Lines first appear in Chapter 5, when the player is first separated from Wheatley. When the player initially enters the Redemption Line, the Announcer will warn them that "Turret Redemption Lines are not rides". The player also meets the Oracle Turret for the second and last time, as it is destined for incineration.

While deactivating GLaDOS's neurotoxin system, the player can also see Turret Redemption Lines launching Turrets into a pit. Wheatley laughs as he calls it "our handiwork".

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Portal 2

No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings
Save a turret from redemption