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Retrato de Cave Johnson.
Eu sou Cave Johnson. Sou o dono deste lugar.
Cave Johnson

Cave Johnson é o fundador da Aperture Science, que foi construída da Aperture Science Innovations. Ele foi brevemente mencionado em Portal, mas se torna uma personagem mais proeminente em Portal 2, através de gravações de áudio que deixa para trás. Seu estado e localização atuais são desconhecidos, mas crê-se que esteja morto.

Cave Johnson é dublado pelo ator estadunidense J. K. Simmons.


Cortinas de chuveiro

Em 1953 Cave Johnson inaugurou Aperture Fixtures,uma fábrica de cortinas de chuveiro. o criador da Aperture Science, ele ecolheu esse nome porque ele faz as cortinas, soa mais como higiênico. ele se tornou um Bilionário depois de ganhar para fabricar a cortinas de choveiros militares US.

Inovações da Aperture Science

During his career in science, he called on the wealthy or power elite to join his cause for the future of science, as well as those with the brains, much like Caroline, and those lacking common sense for the dangers of science. Most of his ideas were wild and, more often than not, lethal. Some experiments involved replacing the test subjects blood with gasoline, while another exposed a tester to jet engines to lower the amount of water in the human body, stating it seemed 'excessive'. Most of his crackpot ideas turn out to be massive failures, leaving only a few that seem to be remotely useful ideas such as the gels that appear during the later stages of the game, namely Propulsion Gel and Repulsion Gel.


At the time of creation, Aperture Science Innovations had created the Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, a prototype to the modern Handheld Portal Device Chell wields. It seems Aperture had already begun to perfect the portal technology, but was not ready to unleash it to the world, thinking much more could be done than just portals. Of course, the technology was impractical and bulky, coupled with Cave's wild innovations. During the 70s, Aperture Science had become known as just 'Aperture', with the rise and competition of Black Mesa already putting Cave's temper to its limits. It was also around this time that Caroline became a bigger part of Cave's life as a secretary. It's also around this time where Cave becomes more desperate in his struggle to continue the life of his career and company through incentives, even if they were low-ball offers to lure potential test subjects to their doom.

Aperture Science

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Sometime during the 80's, Cave Johnson had renamed the company Aperture Science, a name that would be known far into the future. However, the number of willing test subjects has dwindled over the years, and it grows to the point where employees and random strangers are pulled off the streets to be a part of the testing. The technology has advanced greatly, where robots are beginning to replace human employees. Said employees then become unfortunate victims of science in Cave's visions of the future of science.

During his final days, he states he has tried to purchase a number of "moon rocks". However, his last few recordings indicate that these acquired "moon rocks" have caused him great illness. He explains that, in one of his wild ideas, he was grounding moon rocks together in the name of science to form a new type of substance called the 'Conversion Gel', most likely named due to its ability to serve as a great portal conductor by converting covered materials into suitable surfaces to place Portais on. However, With his terminal illness still growing worse and with no cure available, he decides to re-purpose the 'conversion gel' to create new portals that would hopefully sap the poison out of him.

With little hope of a cure left, he instructs his engineers to start research on artificial intelligence (AI) and brain mapping in the hopes his brain can be downloaded onto a computer, stating they "should've been doing this 30 years ago". He also states that if he were to die before the technology is released, he leaves instructions that his secretary Caroline will take charge of Aperture Science. He states that he knows she'll decline at first or feel she can't do it, which he follows up with "Force her to do it if you have to". It is unknown what becomes of him, but it is presumed he fell victim to the illness, and ultimately, to science.



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During Portal, when Chell makes her first escape, there are several "Rattmann Nests" that are scattered throughout the facility. In one of them, there are several pictures of a suited man with a small picture of a Cubo Companheiro over his face, along with the words "Our Founder" found in one of the photos. Below the mad scribblings of Rattmann is what appears to be a login name and password, labeled "cjohnson" with the password "tier3", alluding to Cave Johnson himself. It would later be discovered that this could be used on Aperture Science's own website, giving a bit more insight of the grim world of Aperture Science.



  • Durante o início do desenvolvimento do jogo, Cave Johnson foi planejado para ser o vilão principal do jogo. [citação necessária]

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