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This is a listing of all videos released by Valve to promote games in the Portal series. In order to promote Portal 2, some videos were designed to showcase 'testing elements' and gameplay mechanics, while others featured key game characters or were produced specifically for journalists and critics and were displayed at large conventions such as E3.

Portal videos

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  • Portal Teaser – a promotional video showcasing the gameplay of the original Portal; and
  • Portal is Free – a video featuring the voice of GLaDOS that announced that Portal could be downloaded for free for a limited time.

Portal 2 videos

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Aperture Investment Opportunity

The "Aperture Investment Opportunity" series of videos were released to promote Portal 2. They are in the style of Aperture Science advertisements and prominently feature the voice of Cave Johnson, Aperture founder. Each video promotes a different Aperture Science product to "prospective investors".


Testing Elements

The "Testing Elements" series of videos featured footage of certain gameplay mechanics in Portal 2 while the game was in development. The videos were released periodically by Valve on their YouTube channel. Each video displays a different gameplay mechanism in action.


  • Meet Wheatley – a video introducing Wheatley, the player's initial guide in Portal 2;
  • Wheatley Update – a video that provides more information about Wheatley, and also reveals more about Portal 2's plot;
  • Valentine's Day Gift Buying – a "Romance Safety Compliance Guide" released for the benefit of Aperture Science employees; and
  • Portal 2: Perfect 10 – a promotional video featuring pre-rendered footage and statements from a number of complimentary game reviews.

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