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Patch notes


The template above may be partially or fully invisible or glitched due to the respected strings aren't entered. This is normal.

Documentation for Patch layout


Please see Help:Updates for full instructions on adding patch notes to the wiki.

This template keeps the style of patch note pages consistent.


Parameter Example Required? Description

* Fixed bug that caused a crash.

* Added a new hat.

yes The actual patch notes.
game portal no This isn't necessary for Portal 2 patches. If set to "portal", this will change the categories accordingly (i.e. Categorize into Category:Patches (Portal).
Next / Previous
before [[July 21, 2010 Patch]] yes A link to the previous patch.
current August 17, 2010 Patch no The name to display for the current patch, only needed in translated pages.
after [[November 12, 2010 Patch]] yes A link to the next patch. If none, put N/A.
source<n> http://store.steampowered.com/news/5341/ yes The URL of the Steam news article on the patch. Supports up to 3 individual sources.
source<n>-title Portal 2 Update Released no Optional name override on source link. Supports up to 3 individual sources.
source<n>-lang fr no If the source is Steam news then this parameter should be unused. Defaults to "en" on non-English pages. Supports all 3 source links.
Nothing If it exists, the page at Template:PatchDiff/Patch page name will be transcluded and assumed to be the only patch diff on that day.
diff-<n> | diff-1 = August 30, 2011 Patch | diff-2 = August 30, 2011 Patch 2 no If there are multiple patches on the same day, list them as their PatchDiff name under multiple diff-<n> arguments.


{{Patch layout
| source       = http://store.steampowered.com/news/5341/
| source-title = Portal 2 Update Released
| before       = [[April 19, 2011 Patch]]
| after        = N/A

| notes  = 
=== Portal 2 ===
* Fixed unrecoverable black screen in elevator save
* Fixed infinite loop on Mac OSX server
* Fixed Mac OSX font rendering and glyph corruption
* Fixed GC memory leak
* Various localization content improvements
* Support for English subtitles in Turkish builds
* Minor string/interface glitches
* Fixes for multiple crashes
* Improved detection and handling for various errors and/or crashes
* Activated UI to enable joystick in-game
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