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The bomb model
Three: Bomb-proof shields for me. Leading directly into number Four: Bombs. For throwing at you.

Aperture Science Bombs (no official name given) are spherical devices which explode on contact of any surface. They are only used in Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You, in Morton's Fork, where they are used to break a Conversion Gel pipe and a Propulsion Gel pipe, and in the Finale, where they are used against Wheatley. They are also seen in one of the four tubes along with Repulsion Gel, Conversion Gel, and Propulsion Gel just before the confrontation with Wheatley.


  • The Model is named 'personality_sphere_angry' within the game files, suggesting the Anger core was to make an appearance in the sequel.
    • It also possesses various typical personality core animations that can be viewed in the Model Viewer in the Authoring Tools. These include a stationary animation, a test animation where the core aimlessly looks around, and an angry animation where it twitches violently.