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How to disable a filter

If the bot is malfunctioning, chances are that the problem lies in one of these blocks of code. Thus, instead of shutting down the whole bot, it would be wiser to disable only the chunk of code that is misbehaving. To make the bot ignore a certain line, add a "#" in front of it:

# This line will be ignored

If there are multiple lines, wrap them inside triple-quotes (you still need to put the two spaces at the beginning of the line):

"""This line will be ignored
and this one as well
and this one is cake
and the previous one was a lie but it was still ignored"""

If all else fails, you can simply delete the block from the page. The bot can't come up with code by itself yet, so it won't run anything. Or, if the problem really is elsewhere, block the bot.

Page filters

addPageFilter(r'^user:', r'(?:talk|help|wiki|template):')

Semantic filters

None yet~

Language-specific filters

None yet~

Link filters

Wikipedia links filter

def wikipediaLinks(link, **kwargs):
    wikipediaRegex = compileRegex(r'^https?://(?:(\w+)\.)?wikipedia\.org/wiki/(\S+)')
    if link.getType() == u'external':
        linkInfo =
        if linkInfo:
                wikiPage = urllib2.unquote(str('utf8', 'ignore').replace(u'_', ' ')
                wikiPage = u('_', ' ')
            if not or == u'en':
                link.setLink(u'Wikipedia:' + wikiPage) # English Wikipedia
                link.setLink(u'Wikipedia:' + + u':' + wikiPage) # Non-english Wikipedia
            if link.getLabel() is None:
    return link

HL Wiki to Combine Overwiki links filter

def hlwikiLinks(link, **kwargs):
    hlwikiRegex1 = compileRegex(r'^https?://[-.\w]*half-life\.wikia\.com/wiki/(\S+)$')
    hlwikiRegex2 = compileRegex(r'^https?://[-.\w]*half-life\.wikia\.com/w[-_/\w]+?/([^/\s]+)$')
    if link.getType() == 'external':
        linkInfo =
        isMedia = False
        if not linkInfo:
            linkInfo =
            isMedia = True
        if linkInfo:
                wikiPage = u(urllib2.unquote(str('utf8', 'ignore').replace(u'_', ' '))
                wikiPage = u('_', ' ')
            label = wikiPage
            if isMedia:
                if wikiPage[-4:].lower() == '.wav':
                    wikiPage = 'Media:' + wikiPage
                    wikiPage = ':File:' + wikiPage
            link.setLink('hl2:' + wikiPage)
            if link.getLabel() is None:
    return link

Template filters

Template renaming

def templateRenameMapping(t, **kwargs):
    templateMap = {
        # Format goes like this (without the "#" in front obviously):
        #'Good template name': ['Bad template lowercase name 1', 'Bad template lowercase name 2', 'Bad template lowercase name 3'],
        # Last line has no comma at the end
        'Crush': ['pngcrush']
    for n in templateMap:
        if t.getName().lower() in templateMap[n]:
    return t

Remove useless templates

def removeUselessTemplate(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() in (u'targeted', u'languages'):
        return None # Delete template
    return t

Filter parameters of certain templates

def templateParamFilter(t, **kwargs):
    params = { # Map: 'lowercase template name': ['list', 'of', 'params', 'to', 'filter']
        'patch layout': ['before', 'after', 'current'],
        'item infobox': ['released']
    if t.getName().lower() not in params:
        return t
    for p in params[t.getName().lower()]:
        if t.getParam(p):
            t.setParam(p, fixContent(t.getParam(p), **kwargs))
    return t

Remove obsolete parameters

def obsoleteParameterFilter(t, **kwargs):
    params = { # Map: 'lowercase template name': ['list', 'of', 'params', 'to', 'delete']
    if t.getName().lower() not in params:
        return t
    for p in params[t.getName().lower()]:
        p = u(p)
        if p.find(u'#n') != -1:
            for i in range(10):
                t.delParam(p.replace(u'#n', str(i)))
    return t

Implement {{Dictionary}}

class DictionaryUpdater:
    def __init__(self):
        self.subpageTemplateLang = """{{#switch:{{{lang|{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}}|%options%}}"""
        self.subpageTemplateParam = """{{#switch:{{{1|}}}|%options%}}"""
        self.invalidParamError = """<span class="error">Error: invalid param.</span>[[Category:ERROR]]"""
        self.subpageTemplateID = """%string%"""
        self.partialUpdateThreshold = 750 # Update SyncData every n edits
        self.dictionaries = {
            u'Template:Dictionary/items': { # Dictionary page
                'name': 'items', # Dictionary name (used for categorizing)
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/items/Special:SyncData' # Page holding last sync data
            u'Template:Dictionary/common strings': { # Warning: no underscore
                'name': 'common strings',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/common strings/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/price': {
                'name': 'price',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/price/Special:SyncData',
                'allTemplate': '{{{{{template|item price/fmt}}}|%options%|tt={{{tt|yes}}}}}'
            u'Template:Dictionary/mechanics': {
                'name': 'mechanics',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/mechanics/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/characters': {
                'name': 'characters',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/characters/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/demonstration': {
                'name': 'demonstration',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/demonstration/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/transcripts': {
                'name': 'transcripts',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/transcripts/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/portal achievements': {
                'name': 'portal achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/portal achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/portal: still alive achievements': {
                'name': 'portal: still alive achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/portal: still alive achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/portal 2 achievements': {
                'name': 'portal 2 achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/portal 2 achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/rexaura achievements': {
                'name': 'rexaura achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/rexaura achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/portal stories: mel achievements': {
                'name': 'portal stories: mel achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/portal stories: mel achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/portal pinball achievements': {
                'name': 'portal pinball achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/portal pinball achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/bridge constructor portal achievements': {
                'name': 'bridge constructor portal achievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/bridge constructor portal achievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/audio': {
                'name': 'audio',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/audio/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Adventure core': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Adventure core',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Adventure core/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Announcer': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Announcer',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Announcer/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Ap-Sap': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Ap-Sap',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Ap-Sap/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Cave Johnson': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Cave Johnson',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Cave Johnson/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Defective Turret': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Defective Turret',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Defective Turret/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Fact core': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Fact core',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Fact core/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Floor Turret': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Floor Turret',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Floor Turret/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/GLaDOS': {
                'name': 'voice lines/GLaDOS',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/GLaDOS/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Space core': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Space core',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Space core/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Wheatley': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Wheatley',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Wheatley/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Grady': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Grady',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Grady/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Desk Job': {
                'name': 'voice lines/Desk Job',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/voice lines/Desk Job/Special:SyncData'
        self.subpageSeparator = u'/'
        # List of supported languages, in prefered order
        self.languages = [u'en', u'ar', u'cs', u'cz', u'da', u'de', u'es', u'fi', u'fr', u'hu', u'it', u'ja', u'ka', u'ko', u'nl', u'no', u'pl', u'po', u'pt', u'pt-br', u'ro', u'ru', u'sv', u'sw', u'th', u'tr', u'tu', u'zh-hans', u'zh-hant']
        self.defaultLang = u'en'
        self.allKeyName = u'_all_'
        self.filterName = u'Your friendly neighborhood dictionary updater'
        self.commentsExtract = compileRegex(r)
        self.stringsExtract = compileRegex(r'(?:^[ \t]*#[ \t]*([^\r\n]*?)[ \t]*$\s*)?^[ \t]*([^\r\n]+?[ \t]*(?:\|[ \t]*[^\r\n]+?[ \t]*)*):[ \t]*([^\r\n]+?[ \t]*$|\s*[\r\n]+(?:\s*[ \t]+[-\w]+[ \t]*:[ \t]*[^\r\n]+[ \t]*$)+)', re.IGNORECASE | re.MULTILINE)
        self.translationExtract = compileRegex(r'^[ \t]+([-\w]+)[ \t]*:[ \t]*([^\r\n]+)[ \t]*$', re.IGNORECASE | re.MULTILINE)
        self.editCounts = {}
    def updateSyncData(self, currentDict, syncData, note=):
        # Build syncdata string representation
        syncKeys = syncData.keys()
        syncLines = []
        for k in syncKeys:
            syncLines.append(k + u':' + syncData[k])
        if note:
            note = u' (' + u(note) + u')'
        editPage(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['sync'], u'\n'.join(syncLines), summary=u'Updated synchronization information for [[:' + currentDict + u']]' + note + u'.', minor=True, nocreate=False)
    def generateSubpage(self, keyName, data, currentDict, syncData):
        h = hashlib.md5()
        if type(data) is type({}): # Subkeys (translations or not)
            isTranslation = True
            subpage = u(self.subpageTemplateLang)
            for k in data:
                if 'blankString' in self.dictionaries[currentDict] and data[k] == self.dictionaries[currentDict]['blankString']:
                    data[k] = u
                if isTranslation and k not in self.languages:
                    isTranslation = False
                    subpage = u(self.subpageTemplateParam)
            ordered = []
            unordered = {}
            if isTranslation:
                missing = []
                for lang in self.languages:
                    if lang in data:
                        ordered.append(lang + u'=' + data[lang])
                        unordered[lang] = data[lang]
                        h.update((lang + u'=' + data[lang]).encode('utf8'))
                        h.update((u'null-' + lang).encode('utf8'))
                if self.defaultLang in data:
                    ordered.insert(0, u'#default=' + data[self.defaultLang])
                if len(missing):
                    subpage = subpage.replace(u'%missing%', u"Languages missing: " + u', '.join(missing))
                    subpage = subpage.replace(u'%missing%', u"Supported languages: all")
            else: # Not a translation
                subkeys = data.keys()
                for k in subkeys:
                    ordered.append(k + u'=' + data[k])
                    unordered[k] = data[k]
                    h.update((k + u'=' + data[k]).encode('utf8'))
            if 'allTemplate' in self.dictionaries[currentDict] and (len(unordered) or len(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['allTemplate']['params'])):
                allKey = []
                keys = unordered.keys()
                for k in keys:
                    allKey.append(k + u'=' + unordered[k])
                insertIndex = 0
                if isTranslation and self.defaultLang in data:
                    insertIndex = 1
                ordered.insert(insertIndex, u(self.allKeyName) + u'=' + u(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['allTemplate'].replace(u'%options%', u'|'.join(allKey))))
            subpage = subpage.replace(u'%options%', u'|'.join(ordered))
        else: # No subkeys
            data = u(data)
            subpage = self.subpageTemplateID
            h.update(u(u'ID-' + data).encode('utf8'))
            subpage = subpage.replace(u'%string%', data)
        h = u(h.hexdigest())
        if keyName in syncData and syncData[keyName] == h:
            return # Same hash
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%dictionary%', currentDict)
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%dictionaryname%', self.dictionaries[currentDict]['name'])
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%keyname%', keyName)
        if editPage(currentDict + self.subpageSeparator + keyName, subpage, summary=u'Pushed changes from [[:' + currentDict + u']] for string "' + keyName + u'".', minor=True, nocreate=False):
            syncData[keyName] = h # Update sync data
            if currentDict not in self.editCounts:
                self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
            self.editCounts[currentDict] += 1
            if self.editCounts[currentDict] > self.partialUpdateThreshold:
                self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
                self.updateSyncData(currentDict, syncData, 'Partial update')
    def processComment(self, commentString, currentDict, definedStrings, syncData):
        commentContents = []
        for extractedStr in self.stringsExtract.finditer(commentString):
            comment = u
                comment = u'# ' + u( + u'\n'
            dataString = u(
            if dataString.find(u'\r') == -1 and dataString.find(u'\n') == -1: # Assume no subkeys
                data = dataString.strip()
                dataWriteback = u' ' + data
            else: # There's subkeys; detect whether this is a translation or not
                data = {}
                isTranslation = True
                for translation in self.translationExtract.finditer(dataString.rstrip()):
                    data[u(] = u(
                    if u( not in self.languages:
                        isTranslation = False
                ordered = []
                if isTranslation:
                    for lang in self.languages:
                        if lang in data:
                            ordered.append(u'  ' + lang + u': ' + data[lang])
                else: # Not a translation, so order in alphabetical order
                    subkeys = data.keys()
                    for subk in subkeys:
                        ordered.append(u'  ' + subk + u': ' + data[subk])
                dataWriteback = u'\n' + u'\n'.join(ordered)
            keyNames = u('|')
            validKeyNames = []
            for keyName in keyNames:
                keyName = keyName.replace(u'_', u' ').replace(u'#', u).strip()
                if keyName in definedStrings:
                    continue # Duplicate key
                self.generateSubpage(keyName, data, currentDict, syncData)
            if len(validKeyNames):
                commentContents.append(comment + u' | '.join(validKeyNames) + u':' + dataWriteback)
        return u'\n\n'.join(commentContents)
    def __call__(self, content, **kwargs):
        if 'article' not in kwargs:
            return content
        if u(kwargs['article'].title) not in self.dictionaries:
            return content
        currentDict = u(kwargs['article'].title)
        if random.randint(0, 50) == 0: # With probability 2%, ignore syncdata completely. Helps with stale syncdata and people overwriting things.
            syncDataText = u
                syncDataText = u(page(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['sync']).getWikiText()).split(u'\n')
            except: # Page probably doesn't exist
                syncDataText = u
        syncData = {}
        for sync in syncDataText:
            sync = u(sync.strip())
            if not sync:
            sync = sync.split(u':', 2)
            if len(sync) == 2:
                syncData[sync[0]] = sync[1]
        oldSyncData = syncData.copy()
        newContent = u
        previousIndex = 0
        definedStrings = []
        for comment in self.commentsExtract.finditer(content):
            newContent += content[previousIndex:comment.start()]
            previousIndex = comment.end()
            # Process current comment
            newContent += u
        newContent += content[previousIndex:]
        # Check for deleted strings
        for k in oldSyncData:
            if k not in definedStrings:
                    deletePage(currentDict + self.subpageSeparator + k, 'Removed deleted string "' + k + u'" from ' + currentDict + u'.')
                if k in syncData:
                    del syncData[k]
        self.updateSyncData(currentDict, syncData, 'Full update')
        self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
        return newContent
    def scheduledRun(self):
        for d in self.dictionaries:
dictUpdater = DictionaryUpdater()
scheduleTask(dictUpdater.scheduledRun, 3)

Update checklists on list of subscribers

def itemChecklists():
    game = 620
    cleanItemName = compileRegex(r'^the +')
    def updateItemChecklist(checklist, schema, support):
        if not checklist.getParam('steamid'):
            checklist.setParam('error', 'Unspecified Steam ID.')
        supportedItems = {}
        for i in support:
            supportedItems[i] = 0
            steamUser = steam.user.profile(checklist.getParam('steamid')).id64
        except steam.user.ProfileNotFoundError as e:
                steamUser = steam.user.vanity_url(checklist.getParam('steamid')).id64
            except Exception as e2:
                checklist.setParam('error', u'Cannot find profile: ' + u(e) + u' / ' + u(e2))
            backpack = steam.items.inventory(game, steamUser, schema)
        except Exception as e:
            checklist.setParam('error', u'Cannot load inventory: ' + u(e))
        for item in backpack:
            itemName = cleanItemName.sub(u, u(
            if itemName in supportedItems:
                supportedItems[itemName] += 1
        for item in supportedItems:
            if supportedItems[item] > 1:
                checklist.setParam(item, supportedItems[item])
            elif supportedItems[item] == 1:
                checklist.setParam(item, 'yes')
                p = checklist.getParam(item)
                if p is not None:
                    p = p.lower()
                if p in (None, 'no', '0'):
                    checklist.setParam(item, 'no')
                elif p not in ('wanted', 'want', 'do not', 'anti', 'do not want'):
                    checklist.setParam(item, 'had')
        schema = steamGetGameSchema(game)
        allItems = []
        for item in schema:
            allItems.append(cleanItemName.sub(u, u(
        return # No schema means no fancy
    support = []
    templateParams = compileRegex(r'\{\{\{\s*(?:the +)?([^{}|]+?)\s*\|')
    templateCode = page('Template:Item checklist').getWikiText()
    res =
    while res:
        item = u(
        if item not in support and item in allItems:
        templateCode = templateCode[res.end():]
        res =
    checkPage, checkLinks, checkKeys = linkExtract(page('User:WindBOT/Item_checklists').getWikiText())
    linksLeft = checkLinks.values()[:]
    for i in range(12):
        randLink = random.choice(linksLeft)
        checklist = page(randLink.getLink())
        print 'Updating', checklist
        oldContent = u(checklist.getWikiText())
        content, templatelist, templatekeys = templateExtract(oldContent)
        for t in templatelist.values():
            if t.getName().lower().find(u'checklist') != -1:
                updateItemChecklist(t, schema, support)
        content = templateRestore(content, templatelist, templatekeys)
        if oldContent != content:
            editPage(checklist, content, summary=u'Updated Item checklist [[:' + u(checklist.title) + u']]', minor=True)
scheduleTask(itemChecklists, 365)