Automatically-updated Item checklists

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If you want your backpack to be automatically updated, create a subpage of the format User:WindBOT/Item checklists/YourWikiUsername, then post a link to it in the list below. The subpage may contain your original (hand-typed) item checklist, or simply:

{{Item checklist
 | steamid = Your Steam COMMUNITY ID Here

The bot will fill in the rest. In any case, make sure to include your correct Steam ID and that the backpack is public.

Be patient, the bot updates backpacks on a purely random basis so it might take a while until it updates it.

Some special cases may cause items to not work/not show up. This includes Halloween Masks, Mercenary Badges, etc. In these case, simply add the item yourself. It will not be overwritten.

To include your backpack on your user page, use {{User:WindBOT/Item checklists/YourWikiUsername}}.


Make sure to include the link to your backpack here, or it will not get updated.