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Were you looking for Party Escort Bot = Beans' messages about An Escorting Adventure?

Party Escort Bot = Beans, the creator of the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center Activity and the Escorting Adventure has shown more strange images... that do not seem to be related to An Escorting Adventure.

How it started

So, here i was, looking at the "An Escorting Adventure" page, with Party Escort Bot = Beans congratulating me for decoding his announcements, and when i clicked the link to "Behind The Text", i discovered something... major: EVERYTHING, but absolutely everything, even the title, had been erased. I clicked the "View history" tab to report the one who did that for vandalism, when i found out that it was intended. Here comes the test re... The messages.

The messages

The title

The title itself seems to be a message. It says "offline", much like when Scott Cawthon, the creator of the infamous first person horror game known as Five Nights at Freddy's, had finished Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and had published an image showing only the text "offline", with a huge, yellow number 3 that could appear in the lower right corner when you brightened it.

References to Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Strangely enough, those messages bear (see what i did there?) a striking resemblance to those of Scott Cawthon promoting Five Nights at Freddy's 3: The number 3, the word "offline"... The number 3 might not be intended, but the "offline" word is an obvious reference. Scott Cawthon is currently promoting Five Nights at Freddy's: The Final Chapter or Five Nights at Freddy's 4: let's hope Party Escort Bot = Beans won't show such creepy images!

The first encoded message

The first encoded message says "bK018p9iUsWcwFKOfUUHlzdXuFnFKapZSnz3PSNqLjU=", followed by a link to a site named "". The site seems to be made to encrypt or decrypt secret messages. Sadly, you need to put the correct secret word, and we don't know what it is, so we can't decode this message right now.

The second message

The second message is "Dvoxlnv... 00110011... gl glglglgllglglglglgl GSIVV... 3. 3-3. 3-3-3 c 3. c c c ccccccccc VIILI 3 - V3 - 3 - GSIVV gsivv", followed by a link to a site named "". Putting this message into the encoder and decoding it gives the following message: "Welcome... 00110011... to totototootototototo THREE... 3. 3-3. 3-3-3 x 3. x x x xxxxxxxxx ERROR 3 - E3 - 3 - THREE three". If you translate the binary included in the message, the result is "Welcome... 3... to totototootototototo THREE... 3. 3-3. 3-3-3 x 3. x x x xxxxxxxxx ERROR 3 - E3 - 3 - THREE three". Given the "weirdness" of the message, it is can be assumed that GLaDOS from Portal 1 is talking. E3 is probably a reference to Valve's E3 (year) videos, but it may have another meaning, because of the words "ERROR 3". Another reference to Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is that the number 3 is repeated over and over again.

Page cleared again?

UPDATE: This page will now be updated at least twice a week!

It happened again: I go back to the Behind the Text page to see if anything has changed, and as of May 14, 2015, the page has been renamed to "surprise" and only shows an image of the word "escort" on a black background. Now, what is the "surprise"? Will it come soon? Is it related to the image? Let's find out...

Attempts to decode "escort"

The secret word

The first thing i thought about was that "escort" was the secret word to put on, and i was right, but the "bK018p9iUsWcwFKOfUUHlzdXuFnFKapZSnz3PSNqLjU=" thingy only means "3". Now, maybe there's another thing with it.

An Escorting Adventure

Since the word "escort" is shown, i assume that it is a new weird message promoting An Escorting Adventure, but since Party Escort Bot = Beans has confirmed[1] An Escorting Adventure, i strongly doubt he would make us think again, since we know what will happen in An Escorting Adventure.

The Scott Cawthon/Five Nights at Freddy's 3 way

Let's try the Scott Cawthon way, which is to brighten the image. I thought of that because the image bears (see what i did there again?) a striking resemblance to Scott Cawthon's "offline" image, and, as the title says, surprise:

Party Escort Bot = Beans = Scott Cawthon remade?

You probably either don't see the number 3, either don't get the joke. If you don't get the joke, then here it is explained: Scott Cawthon's first Five Nights at Freddy's 3 teaser showed the word "offline" with a big, yellow 3 in the lower right corner: This image shows the word "escort" with a small, grey 3 in the lower right corner. It's just a remake!

Image replaced!

And now, the image got replaced with another, seemingly blank one, and the page was renamed again, only this time to a question mark. Now, i have 3 facts that prove the image ISN'T really blank, and must be brightened:

  1. The name of the image. Instead of being a name such as "Blank" or "Empty", the name is "a3", possibly referencing Portal 2's sixth chapter.
  2. The image itself. Party Escort Bot = Beans sure wouldn't create an image, thus increasing filesize, that is completely pointless.
  3. The previous image. Since you had to brighten it to discover the number 3, this image sure needs a little bit of brightening.

Brightening the image

Here is the image, with brightness increased x 12:


And it turns out the image is a whole bunch of text. Great. Well i suppose i'll have to list it here, right? Duh.

Here is a complete list of all the words or sentences shown in this image, from left to right:

  • 3
  • party escort beans enrichment center
  • Chapter 3: Post-Central Core fight
  • 2015
  • congratulationstouser
  • butitisnotover
  • Boo.
  • the final
  • chapter
  • post-final boss fight
  • an escorting adventure

This is the first message to reference An Escorting Adventure or the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center. We know it's gonna happen in the Enrichment Center, we know it happens after the boss fight in An Escorting Adventure and we have heard the number 3 like over 3000 (see what i did there?) times. This can mean only one thing:

Party Escort Bot = Beans' favorite number is the number 3!

Just kidding, just kidding. Actually, it means only one thing:

There will be a third enrichment center activity... but the first one isn't even finished yet!

Somehow, this image looks less creepier than the previous one. I mean, the previous one only had a small, incomprehensible 3, while this one reveals pretty much everything.

The Daily Escort

The page has been renamed once again, this time to "", but the image hasn't changed! Wait. A. Minute. That's actually a real link to a real page named "a3" that shows a fake newspaper called The Daily Escort!

Look at it! A corrupted newspaper! Come on.

Okay, so according to this weird, definitely changed newspaper article, the author is something else Guy. Now, the first part of the name is censored... much like a spoiler on this wiki, and who else likes to blurt out random spoilers and is known as "(guess) Guy"?

SPOILER GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it! Spoiler Guy was behind everything, much like the Purple Man from Five Nights at Freddy's.


The page has been renamed to "3", and shows an insanely dark image with the word "stolen" in the top left corner. I say "insanely dark" because you can barely see something on the image, but i'm not sure. Anyway, here is the image.

The word "stolen" on a very dark image.

Brightening the image


First of all, since we can slightly see what is hidden behind this image, let's have fun and try to find out what it is BEFORE brightening it.

  • I'm pretty sure the number 3 will be somewhere on the image.
  • The center of the image seems to show vines from Portal 2.
  • There are multiple grey "holes" in the image.

That's all i can think of. Let's brighten it!

Brightening it

Now, let's move on the brightening the image.

And it turns out that the image is... GLaDOS in the Central AI Chamber.

GLaDOS in the Central AI Chamber, with a grey "3" in the lower right corner.

Why "stolen"? Was GLaDOS stolen by the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center? Is it a reference to Party Escort Bot = Beans' first quote "We didn't buy them, we stole them. The new owner doesn't sell Aperture's products anymore"? We will find out... when the "escort 3" thing will be released...


Another creepy message has been published and the page's name has been changed back to the original one. The new image only seems to say "soon", and it looks like a remake of the "escort" message. Now, let's go n' brighten this baby!

Turns out the image is the same as the first one, with the only difference being the word in the center. I guess Party Escort Bot = Beans was too lazy to make a new image!


And yet another message. It looks like another remake of the first image, but let's brighten it anyway.


Now, there's the word Nightmare. Man, this is SO a Five Nights at Freddy's 4 teaser remake!


Okay, this will be a bit short cause my computer crashed when i was almost done decoding the message, so i'll be brief: there is a login and a password, the login is Mwçüfï6 and the password is #EY?=9 and on Mwçüfï's talk page there is a message that says "escort 3" with Party Escort Bot = Beans' signature. Now, i'm tired (been busy) so BYE.

something 4

To be honest, err.

"Free... OR ARE YOU?"

Well, that probably means that you are trapped in the enrichment center?

Anyway, if you brighten it, you see an unreadable text followed by a gigantic 4.

something 4!

Was Item

When i saw this ridiculously stupid sentence, i instantly thought of an anagram, and i found out that Was Item is an anagram of Was it me?, the infamous sentence said by Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica and Nightmare Foxy in the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 teasers.


Older message remade?

It happened again: I go back to the Behind the Text page to see if anything has changed, and as of June 13, 2015, the page has been renamed to "069100032076101110103116104032087105116104111117116032072111114110063" and shows the first image, however this time the number 3 is turned on and even glows. I was going to believe there would be nothing if you brightened it, but i was wrong, because the words "adv 2" are hidden in the upper right corner.

Who Turned The Light On?

I became suspicious when i saw the new title, and the slight lighting difference: The 3 is glowing even more, and the "escort" sign is glowing too, so i brightened it, and it's a whole bunch of text (Don't you get it? Last image was about the first image, and now, a whole bunch of text. What was the second image? A whole bunch of text. I strongly doubt this is coincidental).

Here is the text:

I messed up a simple concept in the Party Escort Beans storyline: I said in the timeline that the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center had managed to deactivated the Suppression Field, in 2015. However, Half-Life 2: Episode One clearly implies that the Suppression Field has been deactivated by the destruction of the Citadel at the end of Half-Life 2: therefore, since the Party Escort Beans universe is basically a heavily modified version of the Half-Life universe, i cannot have the Suppression Field get deactivated 2 times. Plus, Half-Life 2 takes place around 2020, while Party Escort Beans-related events take place, as i stated before, in 2015, which causes a paradox. Since i have to explain that before someone goes like "OMG LOL TEH SUPREZION FEILD WES UNACTIVETAED IN HL2 EP1 NOOB", i guess my explanation will be the following: In the Party Escort Beans universe, Dr. Kleiner has lied, saying that the Citadel's destruction deactivated the Suppression Field, but the Suppression Field was actually deactivated WAY back before Gordon Freeman arrived at City 17, and no one (except for Dr. Kleiner and the Party Escort Beans labs) knew it. Not even the Combine. What about that?
— The person you cannot write the name in quotations
"Deactivated" and "Suppression" were misspelled once. Can you find the error? (i fixed it in the quotation, so you can only see it here.)

Phew! My arm hurts from pressing all those keys. See ya!

Scott Games

Okay, i'll be brief: I thought that The Daily Escort's page would be changed (it was the third message), but apparently no. We have a brand new Scott Games-styled Behind the Text instead. The image looks like a blue spotlight facing a sing saying "DANGER: This device turns on and off automatically". The text is "You helped them. Now they will help you." with, as always, the number 3. Now, i don't know about that. Maybe you help the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center in An Escorting Adventure, and they help you as a way to thank you? But help the player to do what? Overthrow the Combine? Nah, that's going too far. First of all, we've got the Suppression Field's unexpected early deactivation. Next, we have the Combine's overthrowing before Gordon even arrives to City 17? No, that doesn't make sense at all. At least the Suppression Field's deactivation had a logical explanation, but the Combine getting overthrown... what is it that took over the world when Gordon arrives then? The Combine2 maybe? And then Combine3 comes and kicks Combine2's ass to take over the world? And Combine3 gets killed by a Combine4 Advisor? And Combine4 helps Combine5, Combine6, and Combine7 to take over the world? But there is a war between Combine5 and Combine6 and they both die? Then Combine4 and Combine7 ally themselves to take over the world, but they have a fight and Combine4 dies? Then Combine7 calls Combine8 to do his job, but Combine9 kicks Combine7's ass and Combine8 is free, but then takes over the world? And then there is a fight between Combine8 and Combine9? And then Combine10 comes and kicks both Combine8's and Combine9's ass and leaves Earth to give peace to humans, but then gets killed by Combine11 who wants to take over the world? And then Combine12 kicks Combine11's ass with a Combine13 Advisantlion, a transmutated Antlion? And then Combine13, angry because Combine12 stole one of his products, kills everyone with Combine13 Overwatch Soldiers, but there is one survivor: Gordon Deadman, and Combine13 attacks Deadman with Combine13 Neurotoxin, which kills all Combine13 Overwatch Soldiers, which were mutated by Combine14? Then Combine14 goes angry and kills Combine13 and Combine15? Then Combine16 kicks his ass and takes over the (now empty) world? And then...

Blah blah. Anyway, it's not helping you to overthrow the Combine.

Conclusion: Brightening the image reveals nothing. No kidding. NOTHING.

I'll be honest, i kind of miss the An Escorting Adventure messages. I mean, they had an originality. And they were funny, corrupted, and incomprehensible messages. Since the "escort" image came out, i feel like this is more and more looking like Even the teasers.
EDIT: Oh crap. Just looked at Looks like it's not the hat anymore... Almost had a heart attack there.
EDIT: Looked again, we have a yellow bunny in a chair. Springtrap (a.k.a. Plushtrap) is the security guard, people!