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Were you looking for Party Escort Bot = Beans' messages about the number 3?

Party Escort Bot = Beans, the creator of the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center Activity, has shown strange images involving possible announcements for a second Enrichment Center activity.

The messages

One can clearly read the words "ESCORT ADV" on this picture.
"adv" is mentionned again on Party Escort Bot = Beans' Prototype boss fight.

Finding out what they mean

The first image seems to show the Portal ending with a portal gun, but i am not sure as it is... very distorted and deformed.

The second image (made by me) shows a text (written by Party Escort Bot = Beans) saying "maybe for adv".

Now, decoding the messages. ESCORT is pretty clear: it is very likely to be a reference to the Party Escort Bot. ADV is very vague, however: i can think both about DNA (in french, it is ADN) or about adventure. Now, let's combine (see what i did there?) both words:

ESCORT DNA: could you be the Party Escort Bot himself? ESCORT ADVENTURE: could the Party Escort Bot be present in an adventure?

Why do i think about the Party Escort Bot? Because Party Escort Bot = Beans himself revealed that all Portal and Half Life characters are present in the Party Escort Beans Enrichment Center Activity, they just never show up in game, and he also said that he was a big fan of the Party Escort Bot.

I hope Party Escort Bot = Beans will show more images, so that we can find out more about the mysterious "ESCORT ADV" thing, and maybe confirm a second activity with a boss fight? Well, to be honest, the first activity isn't even finished, so we can still be patient. I hope Party Escort Bot = Beans will confirm the second activity after the first one has been finished.

A new message confirms a boss fight?

Several words are written on this weird picture. The caption also has a few words mentionned on the picture.[1]

Now, to decoding the words. The famous "ESCORT ADV" thing is back, along with some new words, such as:

  • ent
  • bssfigtinescortadv
  • cnfrm_bss_fight_in_es_c_adv

ent. What is this? Seriously, ent. It's just as vague as adv. However, if you combine adv and ent, the result turns out to be... advent. My earlier theory about adv being adventure is basically confirmed.

bssfigtinescortadv. Wait, wait a minute. That's pretty clear. It's an entire sentence with missing letters and spaces. If you translate it, it turns out to say "Boss Fight in Escort Adv". And "cnfrm_bss_fight_in_es_c_adv" basically spoils all of the mysterious "Escort Adv", saying "Confirm Boss Fight In Escort Adv".

2 new messages and a messed up image

User Party Escort Bot = Beans Corrupted message.png

This one is possibly the most corrupted image i have shown. WordPad and Paint.NET combined anyone? Anyway, let's try to decode everything:

  • First of all, we know it's a letter.
  • It was sent to @abvzsd8_9-4-481.
  • It was sent by... by WHAT?! It's almost entirely censored! However we can still see some letters. Fail censor much. I think it says Party Escort Bot = Beans.
  • The english text (rest is just text mess) says:

and again, welcome to the Party Esc it took con trol the facility, we - Your tester, Party Es

The first part (and again, welcome to the Party Esc) is likely a reference to GLaDOS' first ever quote, "Hello, and again, welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center".
The second part seems to say "It took control of the facility".
The final part possibly says "we need help - Your tester, Party Escort Bot = Beans"
It all makes sense, since the last image said "bssfigtinescortadv".

User Party Escort Bot = Beans Corrupted message2.png

Woah. What should i do first, decode the message or find out what the background means? Let's say the background first.

The background

"2009 (censored) 2015. ignore last date255012". Okaayyyy... I bet that's made with that Zalgo Text Generator you can find by googling "garbled text generator". Anyway, we have new words:

  • esc
  • adv
  • data
  • cnfrm
  • bssfigt
  • in
  • escort

Just kidding, we have no new words, only copypasta from the earlier images. The word "data" is repeated so much that you could think it's supposed to be a meme. Imagine the space core saying that:
Data. Data. Data. Data... Data. Data. I'm in data. Don't like data. Too small. Wanna go to space. Data. Ba ba. Data. DATAAAAAA!!!!

The message

There is a message, that i will read, hence the "read the message" caption.[2] The message seems to say "We need help. took over. Help us."

Man, this reminds me of and the Portal ARG. Well, the message is pretty clear, "they" need help. But who are they? Will we find out in "ESCORT ADVENTURE"? Who knows...

ESCORT and 4 arrows

And now, Party Escort Bot = Beans gives us a giant message!

Today, we have two more messages. Or as i could say, one message and one page. This part is about the message.
This time, "ESC" being "ESCORT" is definitely confirmed. What the 4 arrows are pointing at seems to be censored.

The page

This is probably the final message; Party Escort Bot = Beans has finally given us an actually comprehensible message![3] Party Escort Bot = Beans has created a new userpage. The following text is written:

"Oh, you silly trying to time travel. Your name is not The Doctor, you know."

Apparently, the name of the second Enrichment Center activity will be "An Escorting Adventure".