Discouragement Redirection Cube

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Portal2 ReflectionCube.png
This next test involves discouragement redirection cubes. I'd just finished building them before you had your, well, episode. So now we'll both get to see how they work.

Discouragement Redirection Cubes are a new type of cube introduced in Portal 2. Like all cubes, they can be used to hold down buttons. They also have the unique ability to focus a Thermal Discouragement Beam and redirect it through their lens. Each side of the Redirection Cube has a large, round piece of glass in the center. One of the glass sides is more curved than the others, being the lens that the Thermal Discouragement Beam is focused out of when coming into contact with any of the other sides.

In co-op mode, when redirecting a beam into receptacles, the beam will auto-aim into the center of the receptacle when the beam is close enough, making beam redirection slightly easier.


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