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This user tries to leave Wikis everywhere, even putting semi-retirement note, but JUST CANNOT LEAVE!!!.

Under the new Aperture Science Deregulatory rules, this user has been qualified for creating a user account under the terms; Must be Autoconfirmed, edits regularly and fights vandalism. Other user's discretion is advised
Announcer reading the new .log file

Click here for a free demo of Portal 2, from the beginning to GLaDOS' Chamber!


Basic Information
Gender: Male
Health: as many as GLaDOS
Speed: as fast as Eminem rapping "Rap God"
Native language: English
Favourite co-op bot: Atlas & P-Body
Favorite colour of portal: Blue, Orange, White & Black
Favourite core: Announcer
Favorite test chamber: Finale
Contact information
Web-site: Portal Wiki

Oh, hi there! I'm Headquarter8302! Nice to meet you. Here are listed below a short biography:
Portal logo.png This user wants Portal.

Portal2.png This user wants Portal 2.

User Aperture AI icon.png This user is an employee of Aperture Science.

en This user has a native understanding of English.

Wheatley spoils you.png This user reads the Portal Wiki with Spoilers on.

Achievement Overclocker.jpg As of October 25, 2020,
I have been a Portal Wikipedian for 0 years, 5 months, and 1 day. (since May 24, 2020)

Short Info
Name: headquarter8302 / Headquarter8302
Gender: Male
I live in: Earth
I like: Editing and creating new pages
My tasks are: Preventing Spam and Vandalism, and monitoring Recent Changes

Hall of Fame

Harry Callaghan's Portal and Portal 2 music parodies

  • If I Were A Core - A 4 minute long song about how a turret feels like to be a personality core.

Timeline of Portal and Portal 2 events


Gallery a.k.a My Uploads

So, what do i do here?

editing pages of course!

My Userboxes

Portal logo.png This user doesn't have Portal yet, but knows it a lot!

Portal logo.png This user doesn't have Portal 2 yet, but knows it a lot!

Pictogram question.png This user doesn't do tests on CDT

My stuff

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