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  • ...that GLaDOS', Turrets' and Caroline's voice actor, Ellen McLain, also voices the Administrator in Team Fortress 2 and the Overwatch in the Half-Life 2 series?
  • ...that GLaDOS stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System?
  • ...that Ellen McLain is also an opera singer and sang the Turret Opera?
  • ...that Valve employee Richard Lord was the original, placeholder voice for Wheatley?
  • ...that Portal 2 originally wasn't going to have portals?
  • ...that there were plans for "sticky gel" in Portal 2?
  • ...that both Portal and Portal 2 derived many of their ideas from prototypes made by Digipen students?
  • ...that the cake in Portal is a Black Forest cake that project lead Kim Swift chose at a nearby bakery?

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  • ...that the cake is a lie?
  • ...that The Underground is a Portal 2 fan series formerly produced by Machinima?
  • ...that the cake is a Black Forest cake, a culinary specialty from south Germany?
  • ...that Valve's webcomic Lab Rat explains Chell's survival?
  • ...that Portal's main character was originally going to be male?
  • ...that Portal 2's co-op mode was originally supposed to feature Chell and a second woman called Mel?
  • ...that Rattman can be heard in Portal 2?
  • ...that Rattman hinted to be alive during Portal 2 outro?
  • ...that Portal 2 take place several hundreds years after events of Portal from the words of Valve employee?
  • ...that there's a third unidentified person in the background of the Caroline portrait?
  • ...that the Portal 2 preview at E3 2010 showed a testing element called Pneumatic Diversity Vent that didn't make it to the game's final version?
  • ...that there is an interactive trailer for Super 8 in Portal 2?
  • ...that the Hover Turret was going to be a personality core-based turret?
  • ...that the Portal 2 was originally going to be a Prequel, with no Chell, GLaDOS, or portals?
  • ...that there were also plans for "Reflection Gel" in Portal 2?
  • ...that Chell would originally talk in the ending sequence?
  • ...that Ellen McLain wrote a song to be used as an easter egg in Portal 2, known simply as "GLaDOS' Song"? [4]
  • ...that the High Energy Pellet concept was indeed completely ripped off of Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (noting that the files were called "Combine Ball)," and was also originally going to also be in Portal 2?
  • ...that multiple cakes can be seen on GLaDOS's monitor just before Portal's boss fight?
  • ...that the number of soundtracks on Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) has exactly 77 tracks? [5]
  • ...that in the video showing Portal 2's level editor, in the scene where everyone is working on a test chamber, one of them is watching Meet the Pyro rather than making a test chamber?
  • ...that The First Slice only has 11 testchambers and you can remove NODRAW trigger to access Testchamber 11 so you can get the upgraded portalgun?
  • ...that in a 2006 build of Portal, GLaDOS was a floating cube of HL2 rollermines?

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