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The download button leads to the moddb page of portal prelude, could someone fix this?

Oh, and Hi! --Wtdtd (talk) 00:47, 11 January 2015 (UTC)

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Portal: The Flash Version Mappack is gone?

Hi. I downloaded Portal: Still Alive on my Xbox 360 yesterday because I wanted to play the Flash Version mappack. However, although the game included the "Still Alive" bonus chambers as well as the advanced chambers, I could not find the Flash Version Mappack anywhere. Aware that it's DLC, I browsed the game menu first, looking for some sort of downloadable content tab. I couldn't find it, so I looked through the available addons on the Xbox 360. I couldn't find any for Portal. Does anyone know what happened to the Flash Version mappack? Every online source says it's included in the game. The "Still Alive" bonus chambers include some content from the pack, such as plasma walls (light bridges), laser fields, and electricity fields, however the chambers are not the same as the ones in the mappack. Just to be sure that the pack wasn't just the bonus chambers, I watched some YouTube playthroughs of the Flash Version mappack, and it's drastically different than what's in my game. Did the pack get removed? What happened to it? And for Gabe's sake, how do I find it?


Hello. It has come to my attention that this video may be a trailer for the mappack. Can someone please review this and determine whether this was made by the creator of the mappack. User:Sausagea1000

Yes, i think it is. Create a new "Video" section and use {{youtube|O3Hg_Du3iDE}}
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