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Zwiastun pokazowy gry Portal nazwany także Wideo Orientacyjne Nr. 1 to materiał filmowy wydany przez Valve w 2006 r. w celu wypromowania gry Portal oraz The Orange Box. Te wideo ma formę materiału informacyjnego Aperture Laboratories który wprowadza mechaniki gry i pokazuje wczesny pre-renderowany materiał filmowy.

Transkrypt zwiastunu pokazowego


  • "Laboratories" in the Aperture Laboratories logo is misspelled.
  • The turrets have different sounds compared to the final game
  • The crusher can be seen in 0:30, which is removed from the final game
  • "Vortal Combat" from the Half-Life 2: Episode Two soundtrack plays during the first pre-rendered gameplay segment.
  • Beta versions of the portals and the Material Emancipation Grill are shown.
  • The various animations in the middle of the teaser trailer have descriptions. The first two appear twice in two flinging demonstration slides.
    • (1) Utilize gravitational physics to build vertical momentum prior to entering portal.
    • (2) Momentum is maintained upon exiting portal until gravitational forces equalizes inertial movement.
    • (!) Jumping from high ledges without anticipation of fatal impact is commonly known to be an unwise activity and is not recommended by the legal team of Aperture, Inc.