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If you are calling us, then you want to apply for the night shift.
— The Phone Call
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Adventure in the Unfinished Building, also referred to as Five Nights at the Unfinished Building in the page names, is a game made out of text, images and links by User:Party Escort Bot = Beans.

Basic overview

The security guard (the person who always forgets his name) has just started working at... a kid-friendly restaurant. I was going to put the name of the restaurant, but i don't have a name. He works from 10 PM to 6 AM. (basically, that's Five Nights at Freddy's with 2 more hours... which is equal to 8 hours. Of non-stop work. Phew.) The employees in the restaurant say that there is nothing to worry about, but the animatronics (which they claim haven't activated yet) are something to worry about. The person who calls you at 12 AM on Night 1 seems, however, to be aware of the danger, since it keeps mistakenly saying "animatronic-safe" instead of "criminal-safe".

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Story Blackie Nights
Theories Cutie Lights
Minigames Green Rocket Hallucinations