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Bonjour! Je suis un joueur de Portal, et euh, j'ai détruit GLaDOS, et je viens de découvrir que le Robot d'Escorte pour fête apparu à la fin de Portal est... juste un paquet de haricots. Non, vraiment! Allez voir par vous-même, regardez juste une video de la fin de Portal en troisième personne! Vous allez voir, the unseen robot that drags you back into Aperture Science at the end of Portal... it's... it's... a paquet of haricots. Really.

C'est même prouvé on this wiki and on the Half-Life Wiki!

Jeux favoris

My favorite games are Portal, Portal 2 and some sandbox games (Minecraft, ROBLOX...)

My version of the Portal storyline

Peu après l'invasion du Combine, Chell se réveille dans un caisson de relaxation. Après à peine 10 secondes, une voix robotique et automatisée informe Chell qu'elle est un sujet de test. Un Portail s'ouvre après un étrange bug dans la voix, que Chell entre. Elle remarque les salles d'observation qui manquent étrangement les personnes qui devrait noter sa performance.

Après avoir complété le premier test et compris la fonction "cube-et-bouton", she is put through more tests to further understand the Portals mechanic.

Dans le deuxième tests, elle reçoit un générateur de portails d'Aperture Science qui peut seulement tirer des portails bleux. Later on, she is put through more dangerous tests with more mechanic learning such as High Energy Pellet redirection. She avoids these hazards and recieves another version of the Portal Device which can shoot blue and orange portals as she is put into increasingly dangerous tests, se faisant même envoyer dans un parcours avec tir à balles réelles fait pour les androides militaires. In it, she finds rooms with writings on the walls, telling her that "the cake is a lie" and that "she's watching her". She then discovers the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube which she is forced to incinerate at the end of the test chamber. The warnings were apparently true, as After the final test, she is driven into a death trap. Chell escapes the dramatically slow death trap and is informed that pretending to kill her was "simply part of the test." After understanding the mechanics of rocket redirection and getting put into a massive Sentry Turret ambush, she is forced to confront a massive robot, GLaDOS, which was the voice Chell only interacted with in the Enrichment Center, and succeeds. She regains consciousness in the parking lot of the Enrichment Center, avec une GLaDOS sans vie devant elle, and the Robot d'escorte pour fête thanks her for "assuming the party escort submission position", and begins dragging her back into the ruined Aperture Science Facility. As Chell is dragged away, it is révélé that the destruction of GLaDOS resulted in the activation of Personality Cores, tasked with the management of the Enrichment Center while GLaDOS is offline. The final scene shows another Companion Cube and a cake.

My version of the Portal 2 storyline

50 days after the évènements de Portal 2: Lab Rat, Chell is awakened in (seemingly) a motel room, later révélé to be an Extended Relaxation Center. An automated male voice informs her that Test Subjects have to be reawakened every 50 days. After doing some exercises, Chell goes back to bed.

She awakens again a VERY long time later, while the Announcer informs her that she was in stasis for "99999..99 [cut]". It is unknown what unit of time it is referring to, but it might just be that the system was completely corrupted.

She then hears a voice that asks her to "open the door". Chell opens the door only to see Wheatley, a Personality Core. Wheatley then tells Chell that he found a way to escape, and begins moving the Extended Relaxation Center and crashing most of the others, while the Announcer says that everybody should prepare "for a reactor meltdown". After finally finding a testing track, Chell is forced to redo the Portal test chambers in an overgrown state. At the second test (where the Portal Device was originally found on a pedestal) the floor collapses, only to reveal a room with murals drawn by Doug Ratmann, and Chell finds the Portal Gun. She then enters Test Chamber 03 from the broken Observation Room. Here, the Announcer mentions the Military Androids. Chell eventually makes it to Test Chamber 07, where Wheatley finds a way to escape. They accidentally re-activate the main computer, GLaDOS, and Chell is forced to go into even more tests. At the 21st chambre de test, Chell and Wheatley escape, mess with the Turret Production Line, destroy the Neurotoxin Generator and need to confront GLaDOS again. They succeed and Wheatley takes over the Enrichment Centre. Wheatley uploads GLaDOS' conciousness into a potato and, mad because of GLaDOS calling him a moron, smashes the elevator that Chell was in, making Chell and GLaDOS fall into the older Aperture Science parts from the 1950s to the 1970s. Before returning to the main facility, GLaDOS allies with Chell to confront Wheatley. They are put into his poorly-designed test chambers while he ignores warnings about a reactor meltdown. Wheatley attempts to kill Chell and GLaDOS, but Chell successfully echappe and finally confronts Wheatley. Chell tries to press the Stalemate Resolution Button - thinking GLaDOS would get back into her body - that Wheatley booby-trapped. Due to the long-ignored meltdown, the ceiling breaks to reveal a night sky, and Chell fires a portal on the moon. GLaDOS gets back into her body, brings Chell back into Earth, traps Wheatley in Space then finally gives freedom to Chell. GLaDOS then gives Chell the Companion Cube that Chell was forced to incinerate in the first Portal, as a way to give Chell no more reason to return to the Enrichment Center again. From now on, GLaDOS tests only deux robots: Atlas and P-Body. At first, she likes that idea, but quickly gets bored because of the fact that robots ne peuvent pas mourir. She sends them in Test Shaft 02, where they find a gigantic room full of sujets de test humains. GLaDOS starts testing them all, and, within a week of testing, tous the test subjects have died.