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Our Hyper Handheld Portal Device (previously known as Handheld Portal Physics Device, commonly referred to as Hyper Portal Gun and known by our scientists as Handheld Portal Device and Physics Manipulator) is an experimental device designed to shoot portals more than twice as faster as the normal Portal Device, and, like the Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator (a.k.a. Gravity Gun), drag objects from far away. There is a new feature added to it: it can freeze objects, and frozen objects won't be affected by gravity anymore (hence the "Physics Manipulator" part). This device can freeze the following objects:

  • Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube
  • Aperture Science Security Camera
  • Aperture Science Sentry Turret
  • Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube
  • Aperture Science Personality Core
  • Aperture Science Defective Turret
  • Aperture Science Oracle Turret

Using it is just like using a normal Portal Device. A button placed on the bottom of the device will allow you to freeze objects.

Click here to take one: Take HHPD

Yeah, you just saw that. Take one, not buy one. It's free.