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Basic Information
Type: Translator, editor
Gender: Male
Health: 100
Speed: 250
Birth place: Vologda
Native language: Russian
Age: none
Favourite co-op bot: P-Body
Favorite colour of portal: Blue
Favourite core: Adventure Sphere
Favorite test chamber: 98
Favorite item: Rocket Turret
Favorite hat: Fancy Fedora
Contact information
Skype: multi_micals
E-mail: storm-mick-08@mail.ru / storm-mick-08@yandex.ru

My pages

Fact_Sphere/ru (translation)
Party_Escort_Bot/ru (translation)
Betty/ru (translation)

To translate:

Flag Russia.png This user is Russian.

ru Для этого участника русский язык является родным.

Portal logo.png This user owns Portal.

Portal logo.png This user enjoys Portal.

Portal2.png This user owns Portal 2.

Portal2.png This user enjoys Portal 2.

P-body.png This user prefers P-body.

(^_^) This user likes the human character Doug Rattmann.

Ping porcupine.png This user's favorite animal is a Porcupine!

Cu This user's favorite element is Copper.

Wheatley's Cereal.jpg This user eats a hardy breakfast of Wheatley's every morning