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Hi! Im Leo. I won both games, Portal & Portal 2. My favourite character in Portal 2 is the Space Sphere. In Co-op mode, i like to be the character Atlas. If you want to see my youtube channel, search leosefcik and you will find Leo Šefčík. Thats my channel. I live in Slovakia.


For now, i made 4 changes. I update this text always, when i will make a change.1. Goo = Made a change, who can die in the Goo. Space Sphere = Made a change, where the Space Sphere can be seen again. I writed: at the end of the game.3. Betty = Fixed the text GLAaDOS to GLaDOS. 5. Gels/cs / Gely = Czech gels article

Editing this page is not in the list. If you want, count the changes as 5. The CHANGES tab is a spoiler, it does not work to be marked as a spoiler.


My profile picture for ALMOST ALL accounts.
My profile picture only for my Google accounts (Youtube, Google+...)