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Unused Palette Icons

I've found more unused icons which aren't listed on this page. All of these are located in portal2_dlc2/materials/puzzlemaker/palette. These are:

  • Blank Icon (_blank.png) - Probably would have been used as some sort of "missing" icon.
  • Error (_error.png) - I don't know for sure if this is unused. When BEE2 is in use, if any icons are missing they appear as the purple-black checkerboard, and not this.
  • Animal King Turret (animalking.png) - This actually looks more like a TNT Turret than the Animal King Turret. I'm not sure why Valve would have wanted to implement either.
  • Breakable Glass (breakglass.png) - Breakable Glass isn't in the final.
  • Budget Error and Budget Warning (budget_error.png and budget_warning.png) - These technically are used, but you'll need to use some console commands to see them. Part of the unused Budget Meter.
  • Flipper Panel (flipper.png) - The only kind of "flipping panel" I can think of is the used Flip Panel item. I'm not sure what this would have been. You can see what looks like a Portal 1-style panel arm behind it.
  • Cube Dropper (item_dropper.png) - Although Cube Droppers are in the final version, they're added automatically by Cubes, and aren't on the palette.
  • Door (portal_door.png and portal_door_selected.png) - Doors are also in the final, but they are added to the chamber automatically, and can't be placed. There are two icons for this, but the only difference is the brightness of background.
  • Early GUI Buttons (palette_button.png, top_button.png, undo_button.png, redo_button.png, and pin_button.png) - These are literally just black text on a white background. It's obvious that these are from very early in development. Additionally, in the final, there's no "palette button", there are several top buttons, and I have no idea what the "pin button" would do.
  • Early GUI Buttons 2 (toolbar_delete.png, toolbar_gameview.png, and toolbar_rebuild.png) Game View and Rebuild exist in the final, but they have different icons. Delete is completely unused, however.

- Luke18033 (talk) 22:23, 20 December 2016 (UTC)

It turns out that Animal King and Breakable Glass are part of BEE2, so those don't count. Additionally "Flipper" is just the Flip Panel icon minus the arrows. All of the others are interesting though. - Luke18033 (talk) 19:01, 27 January 2017 (UTC)

About a spoiler

Why is this a spoiler? This page should not include spoilers!

That's because frankenturrets only appear in the Wheatley stages, something you're not meant to know about until you get half way through portal 2. Wheatley44 (talk)


Is the portal spawner in BEE2? If so, send me an image.

Yes it is, but I discovered BEE2 2 days ago, and haven't it yet (I am not at home)
And, next time, remember to add ~~~~ after you end writing, becase it shows your username and date of sending, seen down here
Thedoczek (talk) 16:38, 28 July 2020 (UTC)